The Thirst: First Flirtation (Book 2)

Sequel to First Encounter.
Hannibal and Jade now know each other true identities. But since the fight between them Hannibal thinks Jade is dead. Jade however is very much alive and looking for revenge. But as a vampire she knows that sometimes the best revenge, is to not attack someone. Sometimes you have to slither your way into their lives, and take away something, or someone, they hold dear.


1. Prologue

Jade blinked a few times, trying to clear her vision. When they were clear she noticed blue eyes staring at her. Then darkness came again.

Jade woke up again some time later. This time she saw blue eyes and a face, a face with shaggy black hair. The face seemed familiar to her, but she couldn’t place it. Then darkness.

This time when Jade woke up she heard something. A sound. A buzzing noise. No. Not Buzzing. Someone talking. A voice. She knew that voice. She opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out. Then the face was in her view again.

“Shh. Don’t try talking yet. You throat hasn’t healed all the way,” the voice said.


The next time Jade woke up things were different. For one she actually recognized the person before her. Who of course was none other than Liam. And she had been able to sit up, and surprisingly she drank from someone on her own. Not a lot, but it was progress.  

A day later she was doing better than before. However she was still unable to get out of bed. Not because she couldn’t, but because Liam wouldn’t let her.

“Are you ever gonna let me out of bed?” she asked.

“Of course, I just want to make...”

“You have been saying that for a while now. If I don’t move my muscles I will.. fuck I don’t even know. Maybe bash your head in.”

“Well I see you got your charm back.”

“Oh, bite me.” She threw him a glare. “Will you just..” she started kicking him off her bed.

“Jade come on.”

“No, I need to get up. Just.... move your fat ass.”

“Gasp!” he said in mock horror.

“Oh god not this again...” Jade slumped against her bed. She hated when Liam did this. Ok well maybe not hated, because it did make her laugh at times, but it could be annoying. Like right now. Right now it was annoying.

“How can you say my ass is fat..” He waved his hand in front of his face, pretending like he was fighting back tears. “I do a thousands squats a day to keep just my ass in shape,” he said in the best girly voice he could muster.


“Oh do shut up.”  In one last effort to get him off her bed Jade kicked him again, this time he actually fell off. “Finally!” She then swung her legs over the side of the bed. But she had to pause as she felt a little dizzy.

“Jade...” Liam started to say as he got up, but she just stopped him.

“I have to do this.”

“Fine, but take it slow. Please.” He offered her his hand.

At first she thought about slapping it away, but then she thought better. He was really trying to help. So she took his hand and slowly stood up. At first she wobbled some, but she had a feeling that was from having been in bed for weeks at a time. As much as she wanted to walk she knew better than to push herself. She had lost a lot of blood thanks to Hannibal and their little fight.

According to Liam by the time he had gotten her home she was almost stone, which is the a state purebloods go into when they enter eternal sleep or when they have suffered massive damage. It is like the vampire equivalent of a coma. A vampire’s way of protecting their body while they recover or sleep.

So she just stood there for a while. Once she felt like she had regained her balance she let go of Liam’s hand. Of course as soon as she did that she lost her balance and fell back onto the bed.

“Dammit!” She didn’t understand why it was taking her so long to heal. Ok that was a lie. She knew very well why it was taking so long. It had been the spell she had done before the fight. It had wasted most of her energy. She had not been a hundred percent when she fought Hannibal, and now it was all catching up to her. Plus she hadn’t had a proper feeding in bloody forever.

“I think I need to feed,” she said softly.

“Alright I will go get...”

“No. I mean feed.”

“Male or female.”

“Female. That way I won't have to try and hold myself up...”

“I will be back shortly.”

While Jade waited for Liam to get back her hand aimlessly rubbed her throat. Even though she didn’t have a physical scar the emotional one was still there. Never in her life had a human gotten one over on her like that. And that excited  and annoyed her at the same time. It excited her in the sense that clearly Hannibal was better than most people and serial killers. Hell the bastard hadn’t even called out when she bit into him. She couldn’t wait to see what that would mean when it came to playing games with him.

However, it also annoyed her. As a vampire she should have won that fight hands down. Hell she should have dominated that fight. Not only was he able to fight back and actually do damage to her, but she lost to him. Lost! A vampire never loses a fight to a bloody human! She couldn’t wait until she was well enough to show Hannibal exactly what he had gotten himself into.

Feeling something warm and wet on her hands Jade looked down and noticed her palms were bleeding. Dammit. In her rage she had dug her nails into her hand so much that she cut little half moon shapes into her palms. She licked the blood off before letting her hands fall to the bed again. It wasn’t long before she heard her front door open and the sound of someone giggling.

Leave it up to Liam to find the annoying giggly type. But whatever. She needed blood, and he was providing it for her. That was all that mattered.

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