The Thirst: First Flirtation (Book 2)

Sequel to First Encounter.
Hannibal and Jade now know each other true identities. But since the fight between them Hannibal thinks Jade is dead. Jade however is very much alive and looking for revenge. But as a vampire she knows that sometimes the best revenge, is to not attack someone. Sometimes you have to slither your way into their lives, and take away something, or someone, they hold dear.


13. Looking For Jade

Liam ran through the streets of Baltimore, as he looked for Jade. They were supposed to meet at a club in town but she never showed. So now he was running around, trying to find her. His naturally cold body felt tight as he moved through the streets at such speed that he was a blur to the human eye. He stopped in front of a bookstore and looked in the window. He was motionless, almost statuesque as his eyes scanned the people. When he saw no sign of Jade he became a blur again.

He made his way to her house and was annoyed to find her not there. He had half hoped that she had just stood him up, but it seemed it's something else. Of course there was the off chance that she had still stood him up, only instead of being home she was at one of the two human's house.

Turning he started running towards the first human's house: Will's. Jade had made the comment once that he lived in Wolf Trap, Virginia. If Jade wanted to get out of town that would be the best place to go. He was just glad that as a vampire the hour long trip it would take by car would be much shorter for him, even though he was running. It wasn't long before he was on the porch of Will's house, carefully looking in the window so that if Will was home he wouldn't see him. Of course that plan didn't work out too well because soon there were dogs barking. Hissing he back away from the window.

"Damn mutts. Almost as worthless as a werewolf." He then took off.

He had seen enough to know that Jade was not there. That just left one house. Moving with great speed he found that he was at Hannibal's house in no time. He tried to stand outside and see if he could see, smell, or even hear any sign of his sister but he was having no luck. He would have to go in. He silently made his way to the front door before opening it enough to slid in. Once he was in he could faintly smell blood, something that usually made him excited, but this time it made him a bit worried. He followed the smell of blood until he came across the dining room. Entering it he scanned the room but only saw the two humans.

"Where is my sister?" he asked abruptly.

"I have not seen her." Hannibal said as he turned to face him.

Liam just growled. "Dammit." He turned on his heels to leave but a voice stopped him.

"I think you should explain why you barged into my house," Hannibal snapped.

"I don't have to explain anything to you," Liam growled. He went to leave again, but again he was stopped.

"Is Jade ok?" Will asked.

"No you stupid humans! She is in danger! Her father is looking for her, all because of you."

"Why is it so horrible if her father finds her?" Hannibal asked.

"The fact that he raped her when she left the family comes to mind," he said dryly, looking away. "Now if you'll excuse me I have to keep looking for her."

"I want to help." Will stood up from the table then.

"No, he is here to kill you, by showing up you would just be making it easier on him."

"If he is here to kill us then all the more reason to seek him out before he strikes first," Hannibal said.

"Right, you can do that from here."

"Look we are coming, whether you like it or not." Will informed him.

Liam growled, he would have argued more but he had already wasted enough time.

"Fine, but if you slow me down.."

"We won't." Will nodded.


Jade was standing in a dark alley somewhere in the middle of Baltimore. She had been on her way to meet Liam when she had been cut off by a man. Even in the pitch blackness she knew who he was. She would always know who he was.

"Hello, Daddy," she said to him.

The End


Note: Will Liam find Jade in time to protect her from her father? Do Hannibal and Will survive a fight with vampires? If so how will it effect their relationship with Jade and Liam? Find out in the next installment, The Thirst: First Taste.

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