The Thirst: First Flirtation (Book 2)

Sequel to First Encounter.
Hannibal and Jade now know each other true identities. But since the fight between them Hannibal thinks Jade is dead. Jade however is very much alive and looking for revenge. But as a vampire she knows that sometimes the best revenge, is to not attack someone. Sometimes you have to slither your way into their lives, and take away something, or someone, they hold dear.


3. Liam Wants Revenge

Days had past since Jade last saw Will and even though she should spend her time trying to figure out how to get close to him she wasn't. No, she was currently at a club grinding her body against the bodies of several other people as they danced to the music. Jade loved to dance. She always felt so free as she moved her body to the music. Like she could just let everything go and be one with the beat.

As the song switched to a slower one she weaved her way through the crowd, not wanting to get stuck dancing with anyone. Making her way over to the bar she tried to order a drink but was having no luck. There were too many people and the music was too loud. In fact as she looked around she noticed there was a considerably larger amount of people in the club than when she had first showed up. Maybe too many. It was starting to feel a bit suffocating. Growling to herself she made her way out of the club.

Once outside she closed her eyes and took a moment for herself. Sometimes she wished she could breath just so she could have the satisfaction of taking a deep breath of the cold winter air. As she opened her eyes she noticed snow was now covering the ground, causing her to raise an eyebrow. She was tempted to melt it, but opted against it.

Making her way away from the club she decided tonight would be a good night for a hunt. With everything that had happened a month back Jade and Liam had been very careful with their feeding. If they did drain the bodies Jade would burn them and scatter the ashes to the wind. More often than not though they never took enough to kill someone.

Jade was wondering around town when she picked up on something familiar. She wasn't sure what it was exactly, but she noticed it. Following the path of whatever it was she soon found herself coming upon a rather large, fancy looking house. Of course off to the side was Liam hiding behind a tree. Curious to know what he was up to she made her way towards him silently. It wasn't until she was directly behind him that she spoke.

"Who are we stalking?" she asked, causing him to jump.

"Jesus christ, Jade!" he hissed. "Don't sneak up on me like that."

"Why? You do it all the time. You're avoiding my question."

"No, I am not. I am just choosing not to answer it."

"And why not?"

"Hey I don't have to answer to you." He finally turned around to face her.

"Hey jerk. It is just a simple question. What is the big deal?"

"None of your business!" he spat.

She slapped him across the face then. "I don't know what your problem is but keep your temper in check," she growled, which he returned.

She was about to say something when she heard a car coming up so she turned from him to see who it was. They both watched silently as the car drove up and parked. She tilted her head to the side as the car door, followed by the door of the house opened. She was surprised to see Will getting out of the car before a familiar accented voice sounded from the doorway of the house.

"Hello, Will," Hannibal said in the distance.

Jade growled as she turned towards Liam. "What are you doing here?"

"I had to do something. He should pay for what he did to you!"

"If anyone is going to get revenge it's going to be me! Not you!"

"But..." But she just punched him in the jaw, causing him to spin to the ground. Before he could get up she jumped on his chest and laid into him before something caught her ear.

"Did you just hear something?" Will asked.

They were still outside. Why hadn't they gone in? She quickly placed her hand over Liam's mouth to keep him quiet. Unfortunately with her anger she had caused the snow around them to melt. Something that could catch Will or Hannibal's notice if they came over for a closer look, and then they would be noticed. Jade's ear twitched as Hannibal spoke.

"I did not hear anything. Please come in. The hot air is leaving my house," he said.

A moment later Jade heard the door closing. As soon as she did she turned her attention back to Liam again. Before she could do anything though she was shoved to the side and Liam was standing up.

"He needs to die Jade."

"Not by your hands," she said as she stood up and brushed herself off. "I get it Liam, really I do. But this one is mine. Plain and simple. Now go home." She shoved him in a direction away from the house and was glad to see him continue on that way. She waited in the shadows for a few minutes, to make sure Liam wasn't coming back, before she left.

Jade proceed with her original plan of finding someone to feed from before she made her way home. As she walked home she thought about Liam. How had he known where Hannibal lived? She hadn't even had the chance to figure that out. The logical answer was he probably followed Hannibal home at some point. Something she should have thought of. But that wasn't the main problem. Could she keep Liam for taking her revenge? She wanted to think so, but she couldn't be too sure. Liam was rather protective of her, and Hannibal had hurt her badly. So it's no wonder that he wants to kill him. But she doesn't want Hannibal dead, at least not yet. Frowning to herself she gave up thinking about it and entered her home before locking the door behind her.

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