The Suffering

"Whatever I do someone gets hurt, so if you're my best friend, it's like suicide."

That's what Ava thinks. And most of the time it's true! She accidentally gets angry and physically, mentally, AND to top it off, usually emotionally hurts you. She can't help it and when she commits a crime by accidentally knocking a girl down and her rolling down a hill into a lake, Ava tries to convince everyone she's not a freak girl and she just..well...suffers


1. Welcome to my freak life

My name is Ava and I have problems. Not a disease or mental illness. It's being hot-headed and taking it to the next level. I hurt people I get angry with. I try to stop and convince my family, community and friends that I'm not a freak but it's not working out. Not many people will hang around me. But I get used to it.

It can't be helped. I know I'll never change. I just hope that it doesn't come back to haunt me. Wouldn't want to live the rest of my life suffering and being miserable. Though it's what I'm expecting.

I know I sound like a freak and creepy. And I am a little. Do you think someone chooses to be like this. No! I tried a therapist. I tried consoling. It just doesn't work. Some would say I'm like Monday, not because it's a new start of the week, but because nobody really likes me. Also I always say -life is like a box of chocolates, not because you so t know what you're gonna get, it's because sometimes you're not gonna like what you get. It's just a fact of life. You just have to realize it.

Ok thanks for reading my first chapter. Spread the word about it so it can get popular. This is my first Movella that is a story. Comment what you like, or if you have questions and concerns!

Bye you guys!


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