The Suffering

"Whatever I do someone gets hurt, so if you're my best friend, it's like suicide."

That's what Ava thinks. And most of the time it's true! She accidentally gets angry and physically, mentally, AND to top it off, usually emotionally hurts you. She can't help it and when she commits a crime by accidentally knocking a girl down and her rolling down a hill into a lake, Ava tries to convince everyone she's not a freak girl and she just..well...suffers


5. Trust

People were watching. People were staring. People were talking. People were glaring.

I looked all around. The girl was nowhere to be seen. It seemed time had froze, for even the children had stopped playing. Somewhere in the crowd the people parted. Where they did that, a teenage boy came through. He came and kneeled beside me

"Are you okay?" He asked. He looked worried. That was nice for a change.

"Yes, I just have anger problems. Not many people trust me or like me." I admitted. It was certainly true.

"I trust you, and I'll be your friend." He assured me.

"Are you sure? I wouldn't want you to be made fun of." I questioned him.

"That's the least of my concerns" he said, hugging me. I hugged him back. We stayed like this for a while. Then, I started to cry tears of joy. I then realized I didn't know his name.

"Hey, what's your name?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, sorry about that. I'm Greg." He said.

And that's when I felt a tug on my shoulder.

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