The Suffering

"Whatever I do someone gets hurt, so if you're my best friend, it's like suicide."

That's what Ava thinks. And most of the time it's true! She accidentally gets angry and physically, mentally, AND to top it off, usually emotionally hurts you. She can't help it and when she commits a crime by accidentally knocking a girl down and her rolling down a hill into a lake, Ava tries to convince everyone she's not a freak girl and she just..well...suffers


3. Punishment

After that incident I was asked to be taken out of school. My mom was stressed and upset, she was kind and understands my problems. But my dad was worse. He thinks my anger issues are fake and stupid. He slapped me straight across the face. I now have a giant red mark across my face. My dad didn't yell or say "oh it's alright". No, he reached for the belt. Me and my sister both had scars all over our backs and arms. If you want a reason why I get so angry, it's my dad. I take my resentment out on other people. This time, something happened. Something different. As my dad was bringing down the belt, my mom screamed "NO!!!!". Dad froze, and I could tell my mom had coped with this nonsense long enough. She did more than that. She did the unthinkable. She slid her wedding ring off her finger, threw it at my father, and told him to get out. I gasped and my dad looked like mom just shot him or something. He stomped out of not only the door, but my life.

"Mom?" I whimpered.

"I'm fine!" She told me.

I don't entirely believe her.

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