The Suffering

"Whatever I do someone gets hurt, so if you're my best friend, it's like suicide."

That's what Ava thinks. And most of the time it's true! She accidentally gets angry and physically, mentally, AND to top it off, usually emotionally hurts you. She can't help it and when she commits a crime by accidentally knocking a girl down and her rolling down a hill into a lake, Ava tries to convince everyone she's not a freak girl and she just..well...suffers


2. Apoligize

I'm sorry. I'm sorry if I ever hurt you. I didn't mean it. Just believe me. I'm telling the truth. All the innocent people who's feelings I hurt. All the people who didn't deserve a few bruises and a black eye. I cry myself to sleep every night. My dreams and thoughts are of those poor people. They had to face me. I must ask one thing. Forgive me. Please.

First day of school

I walked through the doors of my school. Where all the kids walked through the halls, perky and ready to start the day. It was my Sophomore year, so I knew the place more than some. As I approached my locker, I heard a voice behind me say

"Have you hurt some other person lately, you monster."

I couldn't recognize the voice but it sounded mean. I turned, dropped my backpack, and charged. I knocked the kid over and screamed

"I don't tolerate people talking about me like that, not even family. And I'm not a monster. I'm a freak, OK!" I finished breathing heavily. Tears ran down my cheek. They were rushing like a waterfall onto the floor.

I just wanted this day to end! It dragged on. All I could think of is that I lost my temper..again! I needed to stop this at all costs. It would most likely get worse. So far I'm just saying this is the WORST 1ST DAY OF SCHOOL EVER!!!!!!

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