Harry and Holly are two people that both self-harm. They could start dating or not? What will happen?


1. Prologue

Harry's POV

"Holly? HOLLY?!" I yell. I run up the stairs to the bathroom. It's locked.

"Holly, please no," I mumble to myself as I try to open the bathroom door.

I finally get it open and see Holly on the floor, crying, with bloody wrists and a blade in her right hand.

"Holly? Why?" I ask.

"Harry, you don't understand."

"Yes, Holly, I do," I say as I pull my sleeves up and show her my scars.

"Harry?" She asks.

"Yes, Holly. I used to self-harm. I'm 6 months clean."

"Harry. I had no idea."

"Nobody does, babe."

"But-but why?"

"Everything gets to me. I can't take it sometimes so... I self-harm."

A/N: sorry it's short. Next chapter I promise I'll try to make it longer.

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