Stuck In Ikea With One Direction?!?!?!?

Katie and Kat have been together since they were little baby chinlins inside of there mothers tummy. Yes they are sisters. WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?!? So,they decided to go to Ikea for who knows what. Arriving there, they went to where the rooms were and laid in one of the beds from the loooong drive. They fell asleep and woke up to a dark Ikea. They cursed their cousin for not waking them and ventured out into the darkness. They heard noises so they yelled at the noise and they came out. Katie and Kat have found themselves stuck in Ikea with... One Direction?!?!?!?


1. We're Off To See The Wizard The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz!

WARNING: This contains strong language. I suggest you don't read it if you can't handle it 


"BITCH WAKE UP AND COOK ME SOME FOOD!" I heard someone yell in my ear.

Groaning, I waved that person off and tried going back to sleep. Key word, 'tried', but apparently this person won't bug off!

"I swear, if you don't wake up now, I'm pouring cold water all over you." she threatened,

"I'M UP, I'M UP!" I quickly got up and ran down the stairs to cook her breakfast.

"Good Kitty," she pats my head, "I would like some eggs with bacon and some pancakes on the side."

"Yes MOTHER!" I rolled my eyes.

"I don't remember you coming out of my va-"


"Sorry, just proving my point," pfft yeah right, "Anywho, I'm gonna watch some Spongebob so ta ta!" she skipped off into the living room. I don't get how I can put up with her. But she is like a sister to me and I am just like her. So, basically I'm looking at myself. Huh, that's some pretty nice shiz right there. I mean that skittle is.... wait off topic. Never mind that skittle is taunting me!

I take the skittle and eat it.

"No one will know." I whisper.


"WE'RE OF TO SEE THE WIZARD THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ!" me and Kat yelled walking into Starbucks.

Kat ran off and found us a table while I went and ordered our coffee's. Walking back, I come to find Kat yelling at her phone. She's probably playing angry birds again....

"Fuck you bird!" she yelled. Yup. My suspicions were right!

All of a sudden an old lady came up and started hitting Kat with her big ass bag... Hehe.

"STOP CUSSING YOU GOOD FOR NOTHING TWAT!" the old lady kept hitting Kat telling her to stop cussing since it's a bad influence.


Me being the retarded idiot said, "BURNNN." They both looked at me pissed off. I held my hands up in surrender backing up a little. Carrying on, they kept fighting until the old lady just walked up giving her the finger.

"Screw you too then!" Kat kept mumbling words under her breath taking the coffee out of my hand. I comforted her to the car and drove off.

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