Stuck In Ikea With One Direction?!?!?!?

Katie and Kat have been together since they were little baby chinlins inside of there mothers tummy. Yes they are sisters. WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?!? So,they decided to go to Ikea for who knows what. Arriving there, they went to where the rooms were and laid in one of the beds from the loooong drive. They fell asleep and woke up to a dark Ikea. They cursed their cousin for not waking them and ventured out into the darkness. They heard noises so they yelled at the noise and they came out. Katie and Kat have found themselves stuck in Ikea with... One Direction?!?!?!?


2. Time Flies Tuesday

"THE SUNLIGHT HURTS MY EYES!" me and Kat sang loudly in the car when the song 'Sunlught' by modestep came on. That right there my friend................ is EPIC!

One of my favorite songs came up and I started singing, "I've been to Mars, I've been to Venus, I've been to Pluto about two times. You say you're a star, I've already seen this. The truth is I don't really care how you shine cause I light up the sky!"

"Aw yeah girl sing it!" Kat yelled bouncing up and down in her seat. I laughed and started singing it again.

20 minutes later

"Im hungryy" she whines. For the love of oreos....

25 more minutes later

"I want foooood!"

2 hours later

"GIVE ME DAMN FOOD WOMAN!" she yelled in my ear.

"FUCKING SHIT! FINE!" with one hand I took out a pack of skittles from my pocket and threw it at her face.

"Bleh thanks"

"Fuck you..." I mumbled


3 hours later

"We're hereee!" I yelled in Kat's face. She squealed and smacked me in the face.

"OW!" I rubbed the spot she smacked.

"Heh, sorry?" she said.

"Whatever. LETS GOOOOOO!" I got out the car and ran to her side. I opened her door and dragged her out the car.

"ANYWHORE!" I yelled, "LETS GO!"

Everyone around us stared.

"What do you want ya filthy animals?!?" Kat asked. We both looked to each other and smirked.


Everyone went wide eyed and ran. Me and Kat laughed and wiped the remaining tears in our eyes. Man you should've seen there faces! It was hilarious! Anywho, we walked in and walked around a bit and found the place with all the beds and stuff. I plopped down on a bed.

"Mm, so soft." I moaned, burrying my face into the pillow.

"I know" Kat laid down next to me.

"Im so tired!" we said in sync. We both giggled.

I let out a yawn and closed my eyes. I mumbled a night to Kat even though it's not night time.... I think?


Groaning, I woke up and was welcomed by darkness. I squinted my eyes and looked around me. 'huh,' I thought. 'Why is it so dark?'

"Mm, Kat wake up" I mumbled and pushed Kat and heard a loud 'thump'.

"The fu-" she groaned, "Dammit, my back you little piece of shit."

"Love ya too!" I said in an innocent voice.

 Getting of the bed, I pull up Kat and drag her with me walking in the darkness.


 Walking through Ikea, we tried to find the mall. Why you may ask? Because we are hungry as fuck.

"Shush!" someone hissed.

"Who's there?" I called out. Nothing.

"I said, WHO THE FUCK IS THERE?!?" I yelled. Again nothing.

"If you don't come out we will both chop your dicks off" Kat threatened.I stifled a laugh. Even though it is true it was still funny. None the less, they came out with fear in their eyes. Not holding it in any longer, I laughed. I laughed so hard I was tearing up and no sound came out.

 With that being said, they came out with fear across there faces. I laughed even harder to the point where I had to hold on to Kat.

"Calm Kitty, calm!" Kat choked out, trying not to seem like she was laughing too. Sounded more like a squeal to me but, who cares?

"Says the one who practically choked it out, hiding their own laugh." I retorted.

While we were fighting, one of the boys coughed. We both looked at him, and then kept fighting. That was until my phone rang.

I answered, "hello?"

"KATIE ANN MAREE QUINN! WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?!?" I had to pull the phone away from my ears. And yes you heard right. My last name is Quinn. As in me and Kat being Kellin Quinn's sisters. Pretty cool, huh?

Coughing, I answered his question, "Well you see, our cousin may or may not have locked us in Ikea?" 

"I have no words.... But, the bad thing is, you guys are going to have to stay there because there is gonna be a snow storm." he said casually.

"WHAT?!?" I screeched into the phone.

"One, okay ow! And two, yes a snow storm."

I whined, "Quit whining and man up!" I rolled my eyes, "I'm a girl!"

"Whatever. Anywho, gotta go, watching Copeland. BYE!" he hung up. That fucker...


We all stared at each other for about a good ten minutes after Kellin hung up on me.

"So... who are you guys?" I asked.

"You don't know us?" blondie said.

"Nope" I answered, popping the 'p'.

They all gaped at us like we were supposed to know them.

"WE'RE ONE DIRECTION!" they yelled at us.

"Ohh, that's you. That boy band that every girl fangirls over." Kat said.

"You guys don't?" curly said.

"Not one bit." we said in sync.


"I'M HUNGRY!" Kat and Niall said. Yes we learned their names. 

I groaned, "we haven't exactly found the mall yet."


"No buts!" me and Harry yelled. I guess you can say we've grown pretty close. We talked and stuff and became friends. Don't judge.

They both whined and sat on the floor. They would make the best couple ever! No joke. They are perfect for each other.

2 hours later

We finally found the mall and the first place we went to was McDonalds because by the time we got there, we were all hungry. Kat and Niall ate the most, and both stole my fries. I'll get them... oh I will. Louis kept saying he missed Kevin, Zayn was quiet and kept staring at me once in a while, which made me blush a little. Okay I may have a crush on him... anywho, Liam kept trying to calm Louis down, and Harry was staring at Zayn. Huh. What's up with them?

1 hour later

Yawning, I led everyone to where the room thingy things with the beds and stuff were. We were all tired and decided to hit the sack.

The boys all shared a room next to me and Kat because they said we don't want to lose you. We both shrugged and agreed.

I yawned again. 'Time flies definitly on Tuesdays', I thought and fell asleep.

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