Stuck In Ikea With One Direction?!?!?!?

Katie and Kat have been together since they were little baby chinlins inside of there mothers tummy. Yes they are sisters. WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?!? So,they decided to go to Ikea for who knows what. Arriving there, they went to where the rooms were and laid in one of the beds from the loooong drive. They fell asleep and woke up to a dark Ikea. They cursed their cousin for not waking them and ventured out into the darkness. They heard noises so they yelled at the noise and they came out. Katie and Kat have found themselves stuck in Ikea with... One Direction?!?!?!?



Kitty's P.O.V


"I-I-I-I-IMMA MOTHERFUCKING STITCH BITCH YEAH!" waking everybody up, as loud as I can, I screamed 'Imma Stitch' in the tune of 'Gentleman' by PSY.

"Fuck you" Kat mumbled, rolling off the bed.

"YOU DISTURBED MY SLUMBER BITCH" I rolled my eyes. Of course, Louis would add such a harsh word at the end of that sentence. 

Note the sarcasm.

Liam looked disappointed at me, so all I could muster up was an innocent smile on my face. Niall... well... was hugging Kat and telling her to calm down by talking about foods.. Not the best thing to do in the morning.

And last but not least, Harry. He barely said a word to my wake up call and just glared at me. Yet again, instead to Liam, I gave him an innocent smile.

"And what was the reason for you waking us up?"

I grinned. "Well you see child, you guys were asleep until 12 in the afternoon."

They all looked at me like I was crazy and checked their phones for the time. All of them mumbled profanities, shaking there heads. I supressed a laugh and just skipped off to get some food.


"Cause I, I think I like you. And I got a hotel room and it's real nice." I was singing Little Devil by Campa. No one was around, so I just started singing it. No one knows I sing. Except for a few people. Kat, my brother, his wife, my parents, and a few bands I've met going to Warped Tour with Kellin and his band. They all, obviously, ease dropped on me and heard me singing. So, that's how they knew I could sing.

I heard a noise and stopped. I looked around and found it all clear. 'Probably nothing.' Ignoring the small little noise, I continued singing.


Harry's P.O.V

I was walking around until I heard someone. I walked a little closer and saw Katie sitting alone, singing. 'Damn,' I thought. 'Shes good.'

I attempted to move closer, but hit something in the process. 'Shit.'

She stopped and looked around. I hid behind something hoping she didn't see me. I guess it worked since she started to sing again.

She has a beautiful voice. Her face is beautiful. And her body is amazing. The moment I saw her, the moment I knew I had to make her mine. But no, she has to like Zayn. Not me.


God I would love to smash his face. I knew by the way he looked at her too, he liked her. Scratch that. He may even love her! The passion in both of their eyes when they look at each other pains me. A low growl came out from my throat. I just wish she could be mine..


Sowwy it's short guys

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