Heartbreaker~ a Punk Harry Styles Fanfic

Whats happens when the bad boy who loves one night stands and the popular good girl bump into each other? Will feelings collide? Will emotions scatter? Find out in "Heartbreaker"


1. introduction.

So I hope you all enjoy this story!


Sophie. (17)

Appearance- Average height, long blonde wavy hair, pierced ears (only wears little earrings)

Personality- she's the "good girl" has really good grades, always listens to mommy and daddy, doesn't do bad boys, all the guys want to be in her pants.

Loves- reading, listening to music, pink, shopping, hanging with friends all that good girl crap

Hates- "bad boys," tattoos, to much piercings, all the fun stuff

Harry. (18)

Appearance- Harry Styles (duh), lots of tattoos, lip piercing, snake bites, etc...

Personality- he's the "bad boy" in school, horrible grades, doesn't listen, drinks, smokes, always out late, always in trouble, tries to get in everyone's pants.

Loves- drinking, smoking, getting more tattoos, one night stands, rock music, hanging with friends getting in trouble.

Hates- all the sunshine rainbow shit.

Andrea- Sophie's best friend (17)

Appearance- long straight black hair, bright blue eyes, pierced ears (three holes and cartilage), tall, infinity sign tattoo on back of neck, belly-button ring,

Personality- she's a "normal one", always tries to bring Sophie to parties and tries to make her do stuff, good grades.

Loves- music, shopping, friends, reading, parties, Mountain Dew (she's obsessed)

Hates- nothing really.

Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn- just punk versions.

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