Heartbreaker~ a Punk Harry Styles Fanfic

Whats happens when the bad boy who loves one night stands and the popular good girl bump into each other? Will feelings collide? Will emotions scatter? Find out in "Heartbreaker"


4. chapter 2

Harry's POV

First day as a Senior... Last time I had to deal with high school. The boys and I were talking about our Summers and hookups and everything when she pulled up...

"Hey man, lemme tell you, she was ama-" Niall got cut off bye a car pulling in blaring "#SELFIE", and two girls arm-dancing and screaming lyrics. They first struck me as "good-girls" and I don't mess with them bitches, until a beautiful girl with blonde hair and brown eyes got out.

"Harry... Harry... HARRY!" Louis snapped in my face, breaking me from my trance

"Huh-uh-wha- What do you want Lou?!" I retorted.

"Harry, stop staring, that's Sophie, she's dating the quarterback, Luke, and has the highest grades in the school... You don't have a chance!" He chuckled, "But her friend over there sure looks mighty fine…"

Of course, typical Louis...

I got my schedule, remembering my mother put me in advanced reading, and went on with my day...

~skip to lunch~

I walked into the café with the boys and a few girls, with a couple more running up to us. The first thing I noticed was Sophie sitting at a table with two girls, and the rest of the football team. I caught end her eye, and winked at her. She scoffed and rolled her eyes.

Apparently, Sophie took Advanced Reading also! I walked I about five minutes late, and sat right next to her. She scoffed and looked away.

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