Heartbreaker~ a Punk Harry Styles Fanfic

Whats happens when the bad boy who loves one night stands and the popular good girl bump into each other? Will feelings collide? Will emotions scatter? Find out in "Heartbreaker"


3. chapter 1

Sophie's POV

"SOPHIE WAKE UP!" I heard Andrea scream. It was the first day of our Senior year.

"Ughhhhh five minutes" I groaned, whacking her arm. "I'm not going, I'm staying here in my nice warm bed!"

"But Luke will miss you...." She chimed. Luke was the quarterback, and my boyfriend of three years.

I rolled out of bed, and went to take a shower. Andrea stayed in my room, and did her hair. I got out of the shower, and dried my hair. I put on my light washed denim shorts, and "come as you are" petal pink tank top. I threw on my pink converse and did my hair and makeup. Andrea put my flower crown in my naturally wavy hair for me, and we were ready to go!

Andrea drove us in her new car that she got over the summer. We rocked out to "#SELFIE" on the way to school, everyone laughed when we pulled up!

When I got out of the car, I jogged over to Luke and softly kissed his cheek.

"Missed me?" I sang.

"Of course, who wouldn't miss that beautiful face?" He chuckled, kissing my forehead. We went and got schedules, I had Math first with Luke, then French, Biology with Andrea, Lunch with both of them, PE with Andrea, Advanced Reading, Art with Luke, and finally Home Ec. with both of them! I just had to get through French and Reading without one of them.

~skip to lunch~

I sat with Andrea, Daisy (new friend from French class), then Luke and the rest of the team. About 10 minutes into lunch the whole café went dead silent. "Harry Styles" the school's bad boy had just walked in the room, accompanied by Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Liam. A couple girls clinging to their arms, and a few more walking up to them. I saw Harry look at me, and I could've swore I saw home wink at me... EW! Everyone resumed what they were doing, and that's that.

As it turns out, Harry is in my Advanced Reading class (ummm.. what?!?!)! He came in five minutes late, and sat right next to me. His strong body spray made me want to gag, and worst of all, the teacher assigned us as partners!! Damn you Mrs. Burns!

"So how about I just do the project, and write your name on it?" I asked him.

"Hmm" he smirked "nah how about we do this together so I can say that I worked with the hottest girl in the grade.."

"Hah your funny! How about I just do it." I said. Before he could respond, the bell rang signaling end of class! HALLELUJAH! *cue gospel chorus*. I was so excited for Art with Luke!

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