Midnight Memories - L.H.

"I kidnapped you for all of this." -Luke Hemmings.


10. You're what now?

{Rose's POV}


"I-I'm pregnant."


"WHAT?!" 3 voices screeched, making me bounce up, horrified. It only brang more pain, and I groaned.


I pinched the bridge of my nose. 


"You're what now? HOW LONG?" Mrs. Johnson yelled.


"3 months and a half."






"Ooh, who got you preggo?" Rachel smirked, wiggling her eyebrows.


Luke was there, flabbergasted.




"Who?" Mrs. Johnson demanded.


"Hey hey hey!" Louis got up, taking my side. "Don't go so hard on her! She's pregnant for fuck's sake!"


"But seriously, who did?" Harry wiggled his eyebrows also. 


Louis shot him a death glare.


"I-I can't say."


I ran into the bathroom and locked it.


I have tried. I almost succeeded. I almost accepted myself. I almost felt normal.But still, I was so far from that. I am a nightmare- a disaster.  I'm not a princess. I don't even deserve Luke. Anoyone- let alone Luke. All those monsters are right- I am not good enough for him. That pirate needs a real princess, a simple bride- not a girl who's fucked up and cuts her wrists. It's definitely hard to face the truth.. But I guess we all have to, someday, and now...  I have realized how much better he is for me, than I am for him. Until now, all I know is that.. I still love him. 


{Lou's POV}


"I-I can't say." She cried, running to the bathroom. I chased after her, trying to open the door. She locked it.


"Harry, come here." I said. He obeyed, and I took a bobby pin out of his hair. I put it in the lock, and once I heard the satisfying click, I opened it just a peep and peeked in.




"Wh-What?" She sobbed. I walked in, rubbing her back.


"I'm sorry." I said. 


"Y-You didn't do anything."  She sniffled.


"Still, I'm sorry." I said, sitting next to her by the bathtub. She gave me a bone-crushing hug, sobbing completely. I rubbed her back in a comforting way, trying to sooth her.


"I-I'm sorry I ruined your shirt." She mumbled after her breakdown.


"It's alright. I'll get another one from Paul- it's just our uniform."


"Who's Paul?"


"Our manager."


"O-Oh. Sorry again." She tried getting up, but she just groaned.


I got up, and picked her up.


"Ready to face the world?" I asked her.


She nodded, and I opened the door.


{Rose's POV}



Once Louis opened the door, I saw everyone there. "Rose, can I speak to you for a minute?" Luke asked, and I gulped.


"O-Okay." Louis let me go, and we both went into the tattoo part of the shop where'd you get a new tattoo.

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