Midnight Memories - L.H.

"I kidnapped you for all of this." -Luke Hemmings.


12. The Phone Call.

I was happily smiling with Lou and Harry. They told the gang that they were gay, and I couldn't be happier. The twins were in the stroller, and we were walking to the store to buy another crib, when a cake faced girl came up to me.


"Yes?" I asked sassily.


"Are you like, her?" She rolled her eyes, showing a picture of me and Luke kissing.


"Where'd you get that?" Harry asked.


"My brother. Which YOU killed." She stabbed me in the chest with her fake nail, and I slapped the nail off of her.


"Girl," I thought up of a lie. "I'm pregnant. You would think I have time for another man? Sorry, bye." I tried walking past her, but she didn't budge.


"Get. Out. Of. My. Way." I said. "Do you need me to say it slower so you can understand, cake face?"


"Excuse me, but did you just call me that?"


"Lou, take the twins."


Lou obeyed , and I slapped the rapist's sister across the face, some concealer going onto my hand. She gasped, and scratched me. I jumped on her, making her fall to the floor, and I punched her until she passed out.




I collapsed on the couch, covering my eyes with my arm. I exhaled, and looked at my stomach. It was smaller, but it was still big. I went to Luke, Acacia, Tommy, and I's room, grabbing Luke's tank, a sports bra, and running shorts. I tore off all my clothes, putting on the new ones I chose.


"Ugh, why are you so hot?" Luke groaned, his raspy voice speaking out. I spun around, biting my lip.


Luke groaned again, his mini- well mega him starting to grow. I bit my lip so hard, it'll probably bleed soon. I sat down next to him, and he immediately grabbed my hand, pushing it on his... thing, kind of like massaging it. My cheeks heat up terribly, while I kept doing what he wanted to.


"Hey, I gotta go to the gym. Wanna join?"


"Sure, let me get dressed."




I got up, and once he finished getting dressed, we headed out, hand-in-hand, swaying them like little children. I giggled, and saw everyone was looking at us with frightened looks.


"Don't mind the idiots." Luke whispered in my ear. 


Randomly, Luke's butt rang, and he blushed, taking his phone out of his pocket.


"Yello... Um yea... No... Ugh fine, but you'll be the blame." Luke muttered angrily. "Rose, I gotta go."


"Okay." I pecked his cheek, and he went the other way. I sighed, and walked to the gym.




I was jogging on the treadmill, with my music blasting, when I heard a booming sound. I pulled out my ear buds harshly, looking to see what happened.







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