Midnight Memories - L.H.

"I kidnapped you for all of this." -Luke Hemmings.


6. Meeting His Friends

 "You wanna be more badass and get a lip piercing?" He smirked, looking at my tattoo on my hand. I got his name in cursive on my fingers, when they're together (Kind of like Lou's tat of Lux's name.), another one on my left arm that reads "Not all those who wander are lost", on my right arm I have the words 'miles to go', and a tiny one that has the letter 'H', for my mother. Her name was Heather. I shrugged on his back, and he ran across the street, holding me with one hand and opening the door with the other. 


"Hey Lou, Harry." Luke greeted dully.


"What's up?" A British voice asked,


"Ooh, what do you got for us?" Another voice squealed.


"Nothing." Luke replied, turning his body away to hide me.


"C'mon, Lukey bear! What is it?" 


"Is it a girl?" The other voice asked.


"No.." Luke trailed off.


"OH MY GOD LUKEY HAS A GIRL HAZZA! LUKEY HAS A GIRLL!" I heard the jumping, making me stifle a giggle. "Is she here? I can't see her because how tall you are. Where is she?"


Luke groaned, and bounced me up. I put my head on his shoulder and pecked his cheek. 


"Hi." I smiled. There was a man with ruffly chocolate brown hair, blue eyes, and tattoos where ever you'd see his skin. He was wearing a  black tank, black skinnies, and bright blue Vans. The other boy had curly brown locks, green eyes, the same outfit except blue Jordans.


"Hi. I'm Louis William Tomlinson, your idiot boyfriend's bestie!" He squealed like a girl, making me giggle. "That he didn't tell you about."


"I'm Harry. Don't mind him, he's practically a girl himself because of his 4 sisters."


"FIVE SISTERS! And one brother." He smiled a toothy smile.


"Oh yeah new baby twins big whoop." The curly one, Harry, rolled his eyes.


"It is a big whoop, Hazza. I HAVE 6 SIBLINGS! NOT 4!"


"Congratulations." I said, hopping off of Luke and next to him.




"LUKE? IS LUKE HERE? LUKE IS 'AT YOU?" An Irish accent yelled.


I giggled, and a man raced over to the desk, where we were. It was obvious that he was a natural brunette and bleached his hair blond, since the bottom of his hair was brown. He had blue eyes and the same outfit as Louis and Harry, but had on big, fluffy, Irish flag slippers.


"Woah." Irishman said, looking at me. I blushed, and Luke hugged me close.


"She's mine, Niall, don't even try." 


"If he's not good enough, babe, I'm always here." He winked, making me blush harder.


"Where's Zayn and Liam?" Luke asked.


"Here!" A cheery voice yelled.


"Absent."  Another voice mumbled grumpy and annoyed.


"C'mon, Zaynie! Get your goddamn ass up before I break your mirror on your head and ruin your face!" The cheery voice just got serious.


I widened my eyes. Woah.


"Alright, alright, I'm up." They groaned, and I heard the sound of springs squeaking.  I winced, and pinched the bridge of my nose, trying to keep my eyes open. 


"We are here because she wants a lip piercing."


"Alright, c'mere love." I followed Louis into a room and sat on the chair while he took a whole ton of things with him like how the dentists do when they clean your teeth, except things that once they would lightly touch your skin, it'd start bleeding.


"Can I sleep while you do this because I'm tired." I mumbled.


"Sure, sweet dreams."


"You can start right now, I can sleep in two minutes."


"I need to collect everything silly." He poked my nose, and I swatted his hand away, shutting my eyes shut, and falling asleep.


{Luke's POV}


I woke up in bed by myself, and felt around for Rose.


"Rose?" I called.


No answer. I dashed down the stairs, looking for her, and saw the door was open.



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