Midnight Memories - L.H.

"I kidnapped you for all of this." -Luke Hemmings.


9. Luke

 {Rose's POV}


"I- Uh... Luke? You don't remember Luke? Err.. That's umm.." 


Think Rose think! "My best friend in preschool."


"Oh. So you got a tattoo of his name because?"


"I have a crush on him. He's really hot. You should see his instagram."


"No thanks. I'm taken." Ms. Ray smiled.


"But I wanna see him because I'm a single pringle!" Rachel squealed.


"Okay." I shrugged. I got my phone that Luke bought me and went on instagram, typing "lukehemmings" in explore.


No users found.


Oh shit. Umm.. I remember seeing a penguin costume he had in his closet last week.




His name and face popped up, and I sighed in relief. I tapped his account, and gasped. Luke had purple hair, and he was holding up a middle finger.




Purple... Fuck Micheal, I knew you liked dying people's hair but mine? Tsk tsk.


"He's kinda hot.." Rachel made an I'm-impressed face. "Well hotter than Richard."


"Shut up!" I smacked her arm. "Richard was really hot."


"Yeah, right. So you're into purple heads now? Heartbreaking, I thought you loved me." She fake sobbed.


"I'm sorry, babe! But he just kinda like stole my heart!" I fake sobbed back, wrapping my arms around her.


"I-It's okay." Rachel sniffled, then we both giggled.


"Kids." Ms. Ray shook her head, laughing.




During dinner the next week, I got a phone call.


"Lou Boo ❤ ={P"


"Excuse me." I mumbled, and went to the bathroom.


"Hello?" I asked.


"Oh my god y'all! She answered!"


"Please don't say-"


"HAY ROSE!" Harry screamed.


"Shut up! Luke's gonna hear you!" Lou scolded.


"God bless you Louis." I mumbled.


"WHO ARE Y'ALL TALKING TO?" Luke yelled.


"UMM.. LOTTIE!" Louis yelled back.  I exhaled in relief, and closed my eyes.


"So we have to ask you a question, LOTTIE!"




"How'd you know about us?"


"Well.. I saw it in the way you looked at each other.  Your eyes brightened up and you smiled ear to ear. Whenever I'm with only one of you, and someone pops a joke, your smile doesn't reach to your eyes. But when one of you do, you guys are delighted. So yeah. And I honestly ship you." I ended my paragraph with a smile.


"Oh. Is it really obvious?" Louis asked.


"No. It takes a girl that notices everything and is annoyed by a light shining every 30 seconds. Like me."


A scream was heard, and I furrowed my eyebrows. Probably a prank.


"Oh." They both sighed in relief. "Okay."


"ROSE!" Ms. Ray called.


"YEAH?" I yelled back.




"Gotta go, bye boos. Talk to you soon?"


"You bet." They both said.




"LOVE YOU LOTS!" They both screamed, making me flinch.


I went downstairs. Ashton stood there, with a whole group of men, with a knife to Rachel's neck.


"Holy shit it's Ashton.." I gasped silently, widening my eyes.


{Louis's POV}


"LOVE YOU LOTS!" Harry and I yelled together.


There was thumping down the stairs coming from her line, and I smirked, putting a finger on my mouth to say "Be quiet."


Harry nodded and we listened.


"Holy shit it's Ashton."


We both gasped.


 A different girl's voice screamed out in pain.


"STOP! STOP IT!" Rose's voice cried.


"I am telling you right now, leave 69 Sussex Street." Another voice said, emphasizing their address.




"Why?" Luke spat, annoyed.


"Hmm, I don't know. WE'RE SAVING YOUR GODDAMN GIRL!" I screamed.


He jumped up and went into the car, as Harry took the wheel. We sped to 69 Sussex Street, and saw 7 black cars there. Our car looked the same, and Harry parked in, camouflaging. They were all wearing black, and they carried three women.


"WHICH CAR?" One yelled.


"The last one, and shut up Justin!"


They opened the door and put the three women in the car, on top of Micheal, Luke, Calum, and Ashton.


"Take 'em to the boss' place." The first grumbled.


"Ok."  I mimicked his voice, and sped off.


Luke untied Rose, Micheal untied the girl about the same age looking as Rose, and Calum untied the middle aged women.


"Please don't take us- Holy shit is that the guy?" The girl that looked the same age as Rose asked, stabbing a finger on Luke's chest.


"Shut up Rachel! And yes." Rose mumbled.


"I can't hear youu!" 'Rachel' said in a sponge-bob pirate guy in the beginning of the show voice.


"Yes he is." Rose rolled her eyes.


"Mind introducing us, Rose?" Ashton asked.


"Oh sure. Everyone, this is Rachel, and Ms. R-"


"Haley. Soon to be Mrs. Johnson." The middle-aged woman giggled happily.


"Okay. That's Rachel and Haley. Rachel,  Haley, these people are Harry, Louis, Ashton, Calum, Luke, and Micheal. In the back is Niall, Zayn, and Liam."


"Hey." Rachel said, waving to all of us. Future Mrs. Johnson was too busy texting on her phone.


"Don't worry about her, she's busy texting her boyfri-"


"Now fiance!" Mrs. Johnson said happily. "Yesterday was awesome."




"Hey, Luke. Hey. Hey." Rachel poked Luke's face over and over.


"What?" He asked, clearly annoyed.


"Did you know that Rose has a MAJOR c-"


"Shut up, Rachel. Please just.. Shut up." Rose covered her face in her hands. Luke smirked, hugging Rose from behind and snuggling into her.


Rose flinched, but let him do that action anyway.


"I will kill you." She mumbled so quietly I barely heard her, and I giggled softly.




After a ton of pushing, scratching, yelling, and more, we finally made it to the tattoo shop.


"Wait hold up. This is the boss' place? A tattoo shop?" Rachel furrowed her eyebrows.


"No, idiot. They saved us from that fucking rapist and his men."


"Hey- wait!" Mrs. Johnson said, moving so her head was right next to us. "Were you two the people on the phone that gasped and then I told you our address?"


"Yeah." Harry and I nodded.


"Oh. Ok. Thank you." She smiled, and we both smiled back.




"Ow!" Rose yelled, grasping her stomach. She was laying down by herself on the couch, What happened?


"What happened?" Harry and I asked in sync.


It was only us three in the room, because they were all helping Ms. Johnson and Rachel with their things.


"I-I have to tell you guys something." She mumbled.


"What is it?" The door creaked, signalling they came back. I was probably the only one who heard it.


"I-I'm pregnant." She said.


"WHAT?!" 3 voices screamed.

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