Midnight Memories - L.H.

"I kidnapped you for all of this." -Luke Hemmings.


13. Horrific Last Memories.

{Luke's POV}




"I don't like yellow. I like red." He stated. "You know how you owe me money?"


"Umm yea.."


"Well if you help me shoot someone, you'll be off the hook."




"Fine, where's the 9k?"


"Ugh fine, but you'll be the blame." I spat. I turned around. "Rose, I gotta go."


She sighed, pecking my cheek. "See you at maybe.." She checked her watch. "5? I wanna get off this preggo fat."


"Can I meet you when I could?"


"Sure. It's the gym two blocks down from here."


"See you at probably 2."


"See you." 


We went our separate ways, and I groaned.




 "Hop in looser, we're going shopping."


I rolled my eyes, and slammed the door.


We passed the last place where Rose & I left, and went into a gym two blocks down.


Wait. Rose said she'd be here. And he wants to kill a girl. Did he want to kill Rose? Nah, maybe an ex or someone. We went inside, and he aimed at a girl two feet away from us. She wore a gray tank, black running shorts, and miles, running on a treadmill. Her brown hair was in a ponytail, and it reached halfway towards her back. Hey, that looked like-


I pushed Zayn, and started punching him. We were both on the ground. He took his gun and shot it, and it flew threw my arm. I groaned in pain, and rolled over. The last thing I saw was Rose with tears in her eyes and the last thing I felt was a tear falling on my cheek. 


{Rose's POV}


I collapsed next to Luke, and sobbed. His eyes fluttered closed, as I felt a cold metal on my forehead.


"Die, bitch."


"WAIT!" I screamed.


"Yes?" Zayn asked, annoyed.


"Two things. Tell Luke I love him, and.. Why?"


"Because now he only talks about you and its just so fucking annoying and well he doesn't spend time of us because of fucking you. Goodbye." He pulled the trigger, and I screamed, everything stopping.






ugh i just




im mean


i gtg yall im tired its fucking 5 am and i didnt sleep no shit bc theres a show called Psych on tv and it was from 12 pm -3 am and i was like oh ishould update and yes it took me two fucking hours deal with it ok bye.

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