Midnight Memories - L.H.

"I kidnapped you for all of this." -Luke Hemmings.


14. Heaven

"R-Rose.. Rose please.." A faint voice mumbled. "Please wake up. I need you."


I tried opening my eyes, but I failed terribly. I practically hurt my eyes, trying to get them open. Successfully, I did, and I immediately kissed Luke.


When we pulled away for breath, it was extremely hard to breath.


"I-I- I love you L-"


I blacked out, hearing a loud beeeeeeep with a scream before I did.


I woke up, seeing myself in a bright, white place. I looked at the ground, seeing that the tiles look like clouds. I smiled, That's cute. I looked around, seeing people with halos above their heads.


"Umm.. Is it Halloween?" I mumbled. "Why is everyone dressed up like an angel?"


Just then, a woman appeared. She had the same features as me- blue eyes, brown wavy hair, thin eyebrows and lashes.




"I see you're in heaven now too." She smiled, grasping me in a hug. A tear escaped my eye as I smiled and hugged her back. 


She showed me around, both of us telling jokes and giggling hysterically. 


"Okay, question time."


"Yeah mum?"


"Would you rather be up here with me, or with your boyfriend?"


"I-I don't know. I-I mean he's terrible with children," I chuckled, trying to make her laugh. She didn't. "Can I see how he's doing?"


"Sure honey." She put a hand on my back, saying a few words and closing her eyes. I shut my eyes myself, and when I opened my eyes, Luke was standing before me with a little girl and boy, about 2 probably. The boy looked exactly like him, and the girl looked like me. I gasped- they're the twins.


"Mummy!" They both squealed, running towards me. I giggled as they hugged me.


"Mummy? Where?"  Luke asked, furrowing his brows.


"Here." The twins and I said in sync.


"I don't see her."


"She looks like an angel, just like in the stories!"


Hurry hurry, Mum scolded. Time's running out.


"Tell daddy that I love him. Okay?" The kids nodded, and I went back into the white place, making my eyes blink to get used to the lighting.


"Pick one, love. You're in a coma right now."


"I-I wanna go back." I stuttered, kissing Mum's cheek, and hugging her tightly.


"Okay babe. See you soon." She put a hand on my back, whispering random words in my ear.


"Is mommy sleeping?" A tiny girly voice squeaked.


"Mommy, are you there?" A boyish voice said, poking my cheek. 


"She-She's not g-" Luke's voice sniffled, then I heard sobs.


"Daddy," The girly voice said.


"Don't cry." 


"M-Mummy's dea-"


He took my hand in his, and I squished his hand, groaning with a major headache.


"Mommy," A girl squealed happily.


"You were sleeping for a looong time. We're two today!"


Oh my god. Two years. How old I was when my mother was in a coma and woke up for a few seconds, but then died.


"Sorry, babes, I was realllly tired," I faked a yawn. They laughed, and I smiled. I turned to Luke, seeing he was with a goofy smile plastered on his face. The twins looked exactly like how they were when I visited them and Luke couldn't see me.


"Funny story, they thought you were alive and hugged the air. It was hilarious. I caught it on tape." Luke said.




I snuggled into Luke's arm, when I heard ruffling from behind me.


I turned around, seeing Tommy and Acacia trying to go to sleep.


"C'mere." I smiled, motioning for them to come. They squealed in delight, and hopped in between us. Tommy hugged me tightly, as Acacia did the same with Luke. They eventually fell asleep, as did Luke.


I sighed happily.


I have a family now.. I thought, smiling and drifting off into a peaceful slumber.








Not done.





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