Midnight Memories - L.H.

"I kidnapped you for all of this." -Luke Hemmings.


7. Finding Her

I searched around frantically for her, then tapped speed dial one.


"Niall where is she?" I demanded.


"Where's who?"


"You know damn right who."


"Your girl?" 


"No.. My mom." 


"I thought she died?"




"I don't have her, god! Calm yourself!"


"I swear to god Niall if you-" I heard a beep. "Niall? NIALL IF YOU HUNG UP ON-" 


I sighed, slipping my phone in my pocket. I slipped on my Adidas slippers, and walked to Niall's house.




I knocked his door open, and saw he was with someone. 


"Niall?" I called out angrily.


"One second, Haley." He said.


"Lou has her. She's getting a tummy piercing. Bye."


"Tummy piercing?" I doubled over, laughing like crazy.


"Louis's words. Now leave!" He snapped. I rolled my eyes , and crossed the street, opening the door.


"LOU!" A girly voice screamed. I knew that voice. It was Rose! I peeked inside the room seeing she was getting a shiny, golden belly button piercing. She was smacking his hand over and over, and Louis's accidentally staggered down, making her scream.


"Ow Louis! You're such a coward."


"Says the bitch." He mumbled, making her slap his head. 


I tip-toed back towards the door and opened the door with a loud creak.


"Lou? Niall? Zayn? Li? Haz?" I called.


"Shit! Hide!" Lou cussed. A loud banging noise was heard.


"You okay, Lou?"


"Yeah mate," He exhaled. "Just fine."


"Are you doing what I think you're doing?" I teased.


"Oh my god if you mention Larry Stylinson I will fuck you up."


"But that's what you do with Harry!" I smirked.


"Luke I swear to god I will-"


"Sorry, can't fuck me up. Already have a girl. By the way, ya know where she is?"




"C'mon Lou. Niall told me she was here."


I stepped in, seeing the closet was nearly going to burst open and everything was going to fall out. I smirked, and leaned on it. A tiny groan was heard, and Lou widened his eyes.


"C'mere Luke, you umm.. Never gave me a hug today. Niall said you were soo mad." Lou chuckled nervously.


"Cool." I shrugged, leaning back harder. Another groan was heard. "What was that?"


"What?" Louis asked.


"The thing. The,"  I made a groaning sound.


"I never heard that."


"Is Harry in here? Harry is that you?" I opened the lock, and everything fell on top of me, including Rose.


"Oh hi Rose. How ya been?" I said, looking down at her. She blushed, standing up. She was wearing the same shorts as yesterday and a white shirt that was cut up all the way to the bottom of her chest that said 'YOLO' on it in black. I looked at her stomach, her piercing gold and shiny. I got up and smirked down at her petite body. She blushed. 


"We'll be leaving now. Thanks for doing her piercing, Lou. Money's on the desk." I dragged Rose out and walked back to my house.






"I DID!" She yelled back.












"I fucking did." She mumbled, and walked to the kitchen. She came back with a yellow sticky note. "You see this? This is the note. I wrote it because of our encounter with that Ashton guy."


She handed me it. It wrote:


Dear Lukey,

I went out to get some stuff. I'm going to come back with a surprise, I promise. I only wrote this because you might think I would run away or get taken away with that guy. If I don't come back by 12 pm and don't call you with a payphone or something, then you better get your butt downtown because I was taken.





"I was going to get the surprise after the piercing, but you came going where are you blah blah blah."


"Rose, I-I'm sorry. I didn't look on the fridge. When I woke up you were gone and I got scared so I ran downstairs because I called you and you didn't answer and I saw the door open and I got scared and-" I was interrupted by a kiss on the lips, and I immediately kissed back. She pulled away, smiling.


"I forgive you."


"Umm.. You know how I stole your phone?"




"And how you have no clothes?"


"Get to the point, please?"


"Well.." I scratched the back of my head. "I think you need clothes to survive, so you wanna get some?"


"Sure, Lukeybear. Let's go!" She giggled, pulling me towards the black SUV.




We went to 20 stores, and she still wasn't done. We walked towards Hollister, but then she stopped in her tracks. She faced me and gave me a passionate kiss, winking and raising her eyebrows like she was pointing behind her. I looked behind her and saw Victoria's Secret. I smirked, and pulled her inside.


{Rose's POV}


He chose so many things for me to try on.


"I'm only taking 3, Lukey. So make your choice."


"Grr." He shot me a mean look, making me smirk. "Umm.. One.." He pointed to a white bra and a white thong. 


"Two." He pointed to a red and black lingerie.


"And... Three." He smirked, pointing to a black, fishnet outfit. I shot him the nastiest look I could muster, making him smirk the widest smirk I have ever seen. I rolled my eyes.


"I'm not wearing that here."


"You have to see if it fits though."


"I am not wearing it!"


"Yes you are."


"Well not in front of you."


"Why not?"




"I've seen you naked before."


"I don't care. That was one time."




"Same thing."


"Well I've seen you naked 2 times more than any other guy in the world."


"Except my doctor and my dad, you know."




I looked at him with an 'are-you-serious' face. "You think I'd come out of my mom's private part with clothes?"


"Well.. no. But your dad saw you naked?"


"You're such an idiot, Luke. My mom was in the hospital making my little brother when I was two. You'd expect me to take a bath by myself?"


"Ohh.." He nodded, understanding.


I rolled my eyes and grabbed the white bra and thong. I went inside, stripped off my clothes, and put it on. I came out, not bothering to look in the mirror, and winked at Luke.


"You're taking this." He said, passing me the red and black lingerie.I took it and went back inside the changing rooms, and put it on. I once again modeled in front of him, and he nodded, passing me the fishnet. 




"Get inside before I make you put it on."


I smirked. "Fine."  


I walked in, taking off my lingerie and putting on my normal clothes. I put my arms in the fishnet outfit, and walked out, pulling my arms out.


"Ta da. It fits. Let's go." I said, taking all the things.


"5 minutes before Victoria's Secret closes. 5 minutes."


I ran to the cashier, putting my clothes down and getting them in a bag.


"How much?"


"Free, hun. Now hurry before you get locked out!"

"Why is it free?"


"Because I'm in a rush!"


"Oh. Ok! Thank you so much Mister! LUKEY! C'MONN!"


No answer. "Lukey? Don't try to be scaring me again because I swear, I'll call the fucking popo on you."


"M-Ma'am?" The man stuttered. I turned around.




He pointed to the camera, showing a bloody Ashton and a beat up Luke.


"I'm coming for you, hun. Just wait." He whispered, and covered the camera with black tape.


I started tearing up, and ran. I just ran wherever my feet were taking me. It turned out to be the tattoo shop, where all the boys were. I opened the door, hiding my Victoria's Secret bag, and ran inside.




I heard a groan. "What the fuck are you doing here at 2 am.." Louis.


"Holy fuck, Lou, holy fuck." I locked all the doors and windows, and ran to his voice.


"What happened?"


"S-So we- we were shopping right. And then we were at the last store, right." I sniffled. "And then the man said that it would close in 5 minutes. So I ran there, so we wouldn't be locked in. And then when I got my bags, he said hurry up. So I called Lukey. And then he didn't answer. S-So then the guy pointed to the camera.. And.. And-" I just exploded with tears. "H-He was b-beat up, Lou! And I killed the guy who did! I took his gun and shot him! But now he took Lukey with him and I don't know what to do!"


Lou sat up. "How did he look like?"


"H-He has b-black hair.. And green eyes. And he's like.. really white. He came to Lukey's house before and-and Lukey called him Ashton."


"Oh fuck.Fuck fuck fuck." He stood up, running a hand through his hair. He took out his phone and called someone. 


"Harry. Oh my god Harry. Ashton took Luke... Yes the bad Ashton, dumbass!... Bring all the boys to the tattoo shop, his girl is already here.. Just Li and Zayn.. Oh shit bring Niall's girl too, Haley... Ok, bye."


"I-Is he gonna be alright?" I asked Louis.


"Yes, he is, love. Don't worry about it."


"But what if he's not? What if-"


"We're here!" Harry called. Louis ran over there, and I heard kissing sounds. Woah. Either Niall went over there to kiss "his girl" or they're kissing his girl, or two of them are gay.




I groaned, getting up and walking over to the door. I felt eyes burn into me before I even went past the door to this room.


{Lou's POV}


After I kissed Harry, I waited for Rose to come. 




I heard her groan, and squeaks from the springs were heard. I smiled in victory, and waited some more.


I heard a scream, and widened my eyes, running over to the room. Ashton was there, and he took her out the window. I jumped on the couch and climbed out the window, chasing after him. He hopped in his truck and dashed off, while I'm about to die, holding the back where you'd sit on, I climbed up. Luckily, he had those trucks where you could go in the back and look at the stars.  I hopped in, and rolled off a body. I saw Luke, three other girls, and Rose. I gave them all sympathetic looks, and I opened the back of the truck. I undid all their ropes and tape, and motioned for them to follow me. It was a red light, and the car behind us had widened eyes. 


"Call 9-1-1!" I said. The lady nodded, and whacked out her phone. I breathed out in relief, and carried Luke all the way back to the tattoo shop, and saw car lights. 


"Run, go inside and meet the others, go!" I told them. Everyone went except Rose.


"I'm not going without you or Luke. I don't care because I want you and my Lukeybear to be safe. Go inside. I know your secret."


I turned my head, furrowing my brow. How'd she know?


"JUST GO INSIDE, LOU! I don't want him grieving over you like how I did with Luke. Now please.. Just go.. He doesn't want anyone but me." She whispered.


"Th-Thank you." I stuttered.


"Wait, hold up. I just need your gun okay?"


I laughed. "Here."


"Now go."


I walked inside, and I started crying once I put Luke down.


"Boobear? What happened?" Harry asked, engulfing me in a hug, and kissing my head.


"I-It's Rose. Sh-She told me to go inside with the rest and well.. She not to. And I don't know if she knows he can't die with a bullet.."

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