Midnight Memories - L.H.

"I kidnapped you for all of this." -Luke Hemmings.


3. Fainting

{Rose's POV}

Okay, I really need to stop pretend fainting. This is the 17th time I did it, and I fainted 19 times altogether. So the first 2 were real.


C'mon, I thought, reach 20.


No, you're so mean!


So? He kidnapped me!


Well you don't know if he was saving you from rapists.


No, he didn't, because he's a rapist.


My mind fought and fought until I decided I should stop. I opened my eyes halfway, as if I just woke up. I put my tiny hand on his face. I had to raise my hand because of his tallness.


"Rachel?" I asked tiredly.




"Her brother?"




"Uhh... DADDY?!" I screamed happily, bouncing up and down on the bed.




"Uhh... Brother?"




"Oh wait! I don't have a brother!" I giggled. "I'm so silly. Are you... My sister?"








"Umm... A rapist?"




"EEW! WHAT THE FUDGE! I'M GOING HOME!" I dashed out of the room, and tried running. Fuck you heels. I took them off, aiming them at 'L.H.' and one successfully hit his eye. He collapsed on his knees, probably at my height now, and I ran down the stairs. I tried opening the door, but it didn't go. I took out a bobby pin from my bun, and tried unlocking it with it, and successfully hearing the click, I opened the door, leading to another one.




"Do you wanna be trapped here forever, staring at yourself?" His voice asked on my left, making me flinch.


No. I have my father's face. I don't want to look at that ugly-ness. He pressed a button and long, thin mirrors were floating down slowly. Then on a medium pace. Then quickly. I ran over to L.H. and hugged his breath, and probably his heart, out of him.


"Stop it!" My eyes started to sting, a tear coming out of one. "I-I don't wanna d-d-die here and th-then you c-can really r-rape me!"


The man laughed, his head falling back. "Now why the fuck would I do that?"


I flinched at his cussing. "That's what rapists do."


"Well I'm not one."


"But when I asked you are you a rapist you were like well and I was like eew and I slapped you bec-"


"OKAY, I GET IT!" He boomed. "I WAS THERE!"


I flinched again, and tried to pull out of his grip. Hint: try. His arm was wrapped around my waist protectively.


"Ah, ah, ah!" He said. "Alice, you're not going anywhere."


"My name isn't Alice."


"What is it?"






I groaned. "Rose."


"Ah ah ah, Rose, you're not going anywhere." He said, pulling me into his bedroom.



Kay bye.

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