Midnight Memories - L.H.

"I kidnapped you for all of this." -Luke Hemmings.


8. Excuse Me?

I can't believe I let Lou go. I should've wen't myself. I'm now tied to a chair with rope and it's bruising my wrist. Ashton looked at me as if he was trying to be seductive, making me roll my eyes.


"DON'T ROLL YOUR FUCKING EYES!" He boomed, and punched me acoss the face. My head flew with his arm. I shut my eyes, chuckling.


"Excuse me? What are you going to do about it, bitch?"


He went silent, making me laugh. "Oh my god, Ashton. I can't believe you think you're scary!"


"Ashton! Baby c'mere!" A girly voice said. "Me and Alexandra are in the bathtub, looking for the rubber ducky!"


"I'll be back." He spat. I rolled my eyes, and once he left, I smirked. 


Pulling on the handle of the chair excerts force, so you can break it easily. But that's not the only thing you'll break. I grasped my right arm, rubbing it. I took a towel from the floor, dumping the wine on the towel, and put it in the light bulb after turning it off. If you do this, it'll practically be a bomb. I put the light bulb back, and turned the light back on. I put my arms with the wood attached to them back where they were before, and moaned.


"Ashton!" I called.


He popped out of nowhere. "Yes, babe?"


"Please be a dear, and get me a glass of beer?" 


"It's right there."


"You think I can get it, being attached?"


"Oh yeah." He walked over to the table, and put me a glass of wine. I pulled my head back, and swallowed it down. The light still didn't blow up, but it was close. 


"It's almost time." He said, and walked away.


"Wait!" I called.




"Another glass?"


He groaned. "Fine."


I smiled sweetly at him, and swallowed the other glass he gave me. The light exploded, and he fell to the floor. I grabbed the duct tape, and wrapped it around him to attach him to the floor. I took his phone from his back pocket, and looked through his contacts. I made a duct tape clock, taking a red fat sharpie and writing 4:53


"Hm.. Mac.. Mandie... Ooh! Men. Let's call them!"  I smirked, tapping the green phone on his old phone.








"Yeah Boss?" A gruffy voice asked.


"Yeah boss?" I mimicked. "Your boss is in trouble. I'll show you a picture of him."


I took a silly selfie with Ashton in the background. "Sent."


"Oh.. Shit." 


"So I have a deal. You don't touch anyone, your boss doesn't die, everybody wins!"






I hung up, and smirked. "Your men are so stupid!"


He said something, but it came out muffled. I kicked his face, making him pass out, and left. I walked and walked until I saw a bus stop.  I sat down, and waited. A few minutes later, a bus came, and I hopped on. 


"Can I go to... One Direction Tattoo Shop?"


"Sure, love. "


Once we arrived, I hopped off. I walked inside the tattoo shop.


"L-Lukey?" I called out, barely any voice left. "A-Anyone?"






"Y-Yeah." I walked over to their voices, and walked inside. Luke was covered in bandage, his eyes and mouth only showing. There was a man with black hair. adding more and more bandage. I giggled.


"What happened?"


""Well, I want to introduce you to my friends. The idiot tying me up is Calum, The one on the couch is Ashton, and the one with red hair is Micheal."


"Hey y'all." I smiled. "Rose."


"You are NOT Rose. You are Rosie Posie, the girl Lukey always talks about." Micheal said. My cheeks burned, while he engulfed me in a bone-crushing hug. I awkwardly hugged back, and he pulled away. 


"Hey, do you have any more of that?" I asked Calum.


"Right there." He pointed to the corner. 


I picked it up, and wrapped it around his eyes.


"Hey!" He pouted.


"Hi." I smirked. I pulled out tape and wrapped it all around him.




"Ow!" Luke yelled as I pulled off the last piece of bandage on his leg. I giggled, and pecked his lips. 




He gave me a playful angry look. "I need more than that for a sorry."


"Okay." I shrugged, and kissed him more passionately.


"We shall be leaving now.. Y'all can have fun." Calum said.


Luke played with the hem of my shirt, and I started undoing his belt. He took off his pants, while I took off my tee. I took off my shorts and he slipped his singlet off. He started kissing me again, and his hands roamed my back. They unstrapped my bra, and he took it off me, never breaking the kiss. I dragged my hands down his back, and played with his boxers. He pulled them off himself, and pulled down my panties. He thrusted into me, making me moan.


"Fuck it, Luke.." I moaned. He thrusted harder and faster, making me scream. His mini him kept touching my g-spot, and I was seriously about to squirt out my whole body.


"I'm about to cum!"


"Hold it!" He yelled.


"I can't!" I yelled back.


 "Hold. It." He demanded.


Two minutes later, I couldn't hold it anymore. "FUCK LUKE I'M ABOUT TO EXPLODE!"


"Go ahead." He took out his penis and bent down, and I felt his tongue wipe out all the cum, and I moaned.




"Ooh! I like that one."


"This one?"


"No! That one!"


"This one?"


"That one! It's right fucking there!"


"This one?"


"No! Th- Can I just touch it?"


"Sure, go ahead."


I pointed to Zayn's skull tattoo, and he gave me a bitch face. I mimicked him.


"I pointed to that!"


"No you didn't, Zayn."


"Yes I did!"






"For who?"


"Me, dum dum lollipop." I said, smacking his head.


"Okay, what do you want?"


"Can I get a bow on my tummy? Well next to it but whatever."


"Okay. Point to it." I shot him a playful glare, pointing to where my stomach and back meet.






I suddenly felt the urge to eat, and I ran into the back of the tattoo shop, getting out strawberries, a cup, and some chocolate syrup. I put a ton of chocolate syrup in the cup, filling it up, and took the strawberries and dunked them in the chocolate syrup.


"Hey, can I get some?" Niall asked, reaching for a strawberry. I smacked his hand away.




"Okay..." He trailed off, and walked away.


That was weird. Why did I do that?






I was drinking a chocolate milkshake and on my phone, reading a novel I loved. I choked on my milk, spitting it out when I read a paragraph.


"Rose! Rose are.. Are you okay?" Luke laughed.


I felt food rising, and I ran to the bathroom. I threw up all the food I ate, and it suddenly stopped. When I got up, I felt it again, so I fell on my knees and threw up. Someone took my hair and I kept on throwing up. After probably a decade, it finally stopped. I flushed the loo, and sat on the seat, rubbing my eyes. Luke put his hand on my forehead.


"You don't have a fever.." He mumbled.


"I-I don't know what happened."


"Don't worry, Rose.  It's not your fault."


Later, at 10, we were cuddling and talking about our childhood.


"Oh god, puberty helped me. A ton." I giggled. "My past was hideous. I looked like an Asian laughing when I was crying." {A/N: NO OFFENCE TO YALL ASIANS! YALL ARE AMAZING! I HAVE A BeST FRIEND, UNCLE, AND COUSIN THAT I LOVE DEARLY WHO IS ASIAN SO DON'Y BE OFFENDED}


"No way." He laughed.


"Yes way. I looked like a fat donut."


"There should be something good about you when you were young!"


"Oh, I was a poem writer."




"Yeah. I had a poem memorized. It was about my life."


"Do you still have it memorized?"


"Yeah. It's called The Girl."


"Well then. Go on."


"There once was a girl

She wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer

Nor did she have the best looks

And she was made fun of because of it

Every night she cried herself to sleep

Every night she battled with herself

Every night she lost

And let their words seep through her skin

Stupid, idiot, moron, imbecile, fat, disgusting

The other sharper knives cut her wrists

So she lived in sweaters

She kept her mouth shut

She stopped eating

She hung her head low

She hesitated before answering any question

Afraid of revealing information

She kept herself closed off from society

She refused to accept assistance from those who knew

She was broken

Sometimes she couldn't take it

Every thought was a struggle

Every breath was a war

But she still smiled

To conceal all of her pain

But she's gone now

She couldn't break out of the prison

That she called her mind

The words got the best of her." {I did my best. I'm not a poem writer, sorry.} The poem brang tears to my eyes, and I wiped them away.


"Oh my god, Rose.." Luke mumbled, wiping his eyes, and squeezing me. "I-I.. I don't even have words."


"Oh Luke," I laughed half-heartedly. "Don't worry. My best poem I ever wrote."


"That should be a famous poem."


"Yeah right. It's horrible."


"It's not."


"Whatever. Let's go to sleep, yeah?"


"Okay." He said, shrugging.




A month later, Luke had gotten more and more drunk. He came to the tattoo shop drunk today.


"H-Hey Rose!" He yelled.


"You don't have to yell, Luke." I said. "I'm right next to you."


"Well guess what?!"




"You're getting fatter." He punched my stomach, and I doubled over, screaming in pain. "Loose some weight. Like damn."


"Excuse me?" My eyes burned, and he just smirked.


"Bye bye, cry baby."


I ran away, sobbing, when I bumped into someone.


"Oh my god! What happened, Rose?"




"I-I'm leaving!" I screamed, and ran all the way to my flat, which I somehow remember.


"M-Mom!" I called. "R-Rachel?"


"Oh my god! Rose Marie Collins, Is that you?"


"Y-Yeah Rachel." I cried, and ran into Rachels' mom's arms, soaking her shirt.


"Oh my god! We had police everywhere looking for you!"


"I-I missed you guys." I mumbled, hugging my best friend.


"We missed you too." Rachel said, squeezing me lightly.


"And I have an announcement!" Rachel's mom squealed.


"What is it?" Rachel and I asked.


"I have a boyfriend!" She squealed, while we squealed.


Rachel had on an big ear-to-ear smile, while I fake smiled.




I was in the guest room, and I was looking at myself in the mirror, I lifted up my shirt to see how my stomach was, and it had a big bruise on it. I gasped, my eyes starting to burn.


"Ro- Oh my god honey, what happened?" Rachel's mom gasped.


I yanked my shirt back down. "Nothing." I walked into the bathroom that was attached to the room, and shut the door.


"Rose, honey, can I please come in?"


"I-I wanna take a shower." I stuttered.


"Okay honey, but afterwards, we have to talk."




"Please, just call me Haley."




I stripped off my clothes, and hopped in the shower, I thought it could help, but I was wrong. It burned my bruise, and I just couldn't stop thinking about him.


What if he really meant to punch me?


 What if he wanted me to die?


What if he knew I was-


Shut up. He was drunk. He loves you.


I hopped out of the shower, and peeked out the door, seeing Ms. Ray on her phone with a goofy smile. I smiled sadly, and clutched my towel, walking out. I got a fresh pair of matching undergarments, a loose tank, and some snuggly shorts. She smiled at me sympathetically, and I shot a fake smile back. I went back into the bathroom, putting on my clothes, and walked back out.


I yawned. "Can we talk tomorrow? I'm pooped."


"Sure honey."




It was the next day, and I was horrified.


"Rose," Haley stood up. "Rachel and I noticed something."


"Umm... What is it?"


"Rachel get your butt over here!" Ms. Ray called.


"Coming mummy!" She ran in, and tapped on her phone.


"Umm.. Well.. It's kind of weird." Rachel mumbled.


"What is it?" I asked impatiently, covering my stomach with my hands.


"Umm.. Who's Luke and why is his name tattooed on your fingers?"

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