Midnight Memories - L.H.

"I kidnapped you for all of this." -Luke Hemmings.


4. Bed

{Rose's POV}

So I'm being pulled into a bedroom of a rapist and I'm letting him.


Maybe because he's hot.  Or maybe because he's strong. Yeah maybe the second one. 


He pushed me onto a wall, smashing his lips onto mine. We kissed as his hands roamed my body. He took off my shirt and unbuttoned my jeans.(ok lol so i just found out about size ok ok.) I unbuttoned his shirt and took it off of him, while he slowly undid his belt.


"Fuck you!" I said, slapping him. He moved his hands and I smirked in victory, taking his pants off. We were making out and he pushed me on the bed with a smirk. He started kissing my stomach and down, playing with my lace panties, probably just to tease me. He pulled my panties down and I felt his tongue in me.


"Holy twin babies' titties.." I mumbled.


"Luke." He said after taking his tongue out.


"Holy twin babies' titties, Luke, I'm about to cum."




"I hate youu." I moaned.


"Hurtful!" He gasped dramatically.


I slapped his arm, snuggling into him even more. "I feel so numb because of you."


"Wanna do it again?" He smirked.


"No, thanks, I'd like to go to sleep."


"Okay, let's go to sleep."




I woke up to a phone ringing.


"Shit shit shit!" Luke cussed, and hopped out of bed. I peeked slightly, seeing he was checking if I woke up. He turned around.


"Hello?" He asked into the phone.


"I see you have another doll, Luke." A robotic voice said.


Another doll?


"She's not a doll."


"So you would just play with her once you met her?"


"Shut up. She's fucking hot. What do you want?"


"Give me the money and I won't take you're girl."


Oh god.

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