Midnight Memories - L.H.

"I kidnapped you for all of this." -Luke Hemmings.


5. A Hello From A Stranger. And A Fight.

Well yeah. That's her^. Thanks @wonderforlife or Infinity for the pic. Read her stories!!!


"Babe. Babe. Babe." Luke poked my face, making me groan.


"What?" I asked groggily.


"Umm.. Were you awake?"


"Oh, yes I was Luke, I was awake." I said sarcastically, looking at him.


Okay maybe I was but that's my secret.


"Was that sarcasm?"


"Noo.." Sarcasm was dripping from my voice.


"Was that?"


"Yes it fucking was Luke." I said, eyeing a shirt and putting it on. I walked to the kitchen and looked in the fridge. "Do you want scrambled eggs?"




"Kay." I took out the eggs and a pan, putting 3 eggs in the pan, and after the outside of the yolk turned white, I mixed them together. I took out another pan, and some bacon putting each slice in the pan. I put one fourth of it burned for me, and I got two plates. I put his eggs and bacon on one plate and mine on the other. I put both plates on the black, tiny square table and when I was about to call Luke, two hands wrapped around my waist. It was a robber. The robber on the phone. Oh my god I'm about to die.


"Hey babe." Luke's voice mumbled in my ear. I exhaled.


"Hey, Luke." I turned around, kissing him. My arms wrapped around his neck while his traveled around my body. They went by my bra and I pulled back, shaking my head with a smirk.


"We did it last night, no need for it again. Now eat." I said.


He pouted, and sat down. "You know, you look really sexy in my shirt."


I blushed. "You want it back?"


"If that means you're only in your bra, yes I would like it back."


"You cocky bastard." I smirked. "It's mine now, though."


"Aww, that's not fair." He said, his chair squeaking on the floor, closer to mine.


"It is."






Everytime he said not, he scooted closer. I got up and dumped my extra food in the garbage. When I was about to put my dish in the sink, arms wrapped around my body and covered my mouth. I stiffened, dropping the glass plate and screaming.


Luke laughed, collapsing on his knees and laughing even more.


"Fudge." I mumbled, picking up the broken glass pieces and throwing them out. 


"Just say fuck." Luke said.




"Why not?"




"Say it. Say f."




"Say it." He said, his hands traveling up my- well his singlet.




"C'mon!" He sang, his hands traveling higher.


"Never." I said.


"C'mon." His hands played with the strap of my bra.


"Fine." I said. "F."


"Now say uh."




He gave me a look. 


"Fine. Uh."


"Now K." He unstrapped my bra, his hands holding the two pieces of fabric.




"All together babe, I know you can do it."


He was pulling them apart.


"Fuck." I said, flinching and mind-slapping myself.


He restrapped my bra, and kissed my cheek. "Good."




It was 9PM, and we were watching Maury. Luke's hands were around my waist.


"Can you do that?" He asked, pointing to the stripper.


I shrugged. "I dunno. Maybe." 


"Maybe? Does that mean yes?"


"No, it means maybe."


"Well can you try?"


"Well do you have that?"


"Umm.. No."




"Well I could get one."




"Two weeks."


"Perfect." I pecked his cheek. 


An hour later, we were on Netflix, watching Leverage. Luke started kissing my neck, and I played with his hair. He took his hands while they traveled around my body, lifting up his singlet. I unbuttoned his button down shirt slowly, making him groan, trying to unbutton others. I slapped his hand away.


"Patience." I whispered, unbuttoning the last one. He took off his shirt and threw it across the room. He pulled down my pants, leaving me in my red lingerie. He smirked, eyeing me up and down. I smirked back, pulling his head down to my face as we kissed, full of lust. His member hardened, and I smirked, pulling my lingerie off. He thrusted into me, making me moan. He went into faster thrusts, making me pull on his hair.


"Holy twin babies' titties L-"


"Say fuck." He said, grasping my body and thrusting harder.


"Holy.. Holy fuck Luke.." I grasped the cushion, and he smirked, pulling me up to him. He walked over to the bedroom, and I opened the bedroom door, seeing a man on the bed, looking up. I screamed, trying to hide my body. Luke put me down and pushed me behind him, and I ran to the bathroom, grabbing a towel and wrapping it around me. I grabbed another one for Luke, and walked back to the encounter with the man, handing Luke the towel. He thanked me with a peck on the lips and wrapped it around his waist. I went into his guest room, looking around the floor. I saw a tank and white booty shorts, maybe someone else's sadly, which I put on. I could imagine the tank hanging off Luke's chest, showing some of it. I looked in a mirror, seeing it looked as a tank top I would wear, since my boobs lifted the shirt up. There was a line underneath my breasts, (OR CHICKEN FILLETS LOL FETUS NIALL) which made me think.


Am I really his doll? 


Why am I here, anyway?


I should-




My head immediately slammed to the wall, listening to the conversation.


"Not after all our good times." Luke whispered.


I gasped, putting a hand on my heart and pouting.


Aww. He's so cute.




Then I just sat, my back leaning on the wall and broke down.


"It's my fault. That's the reason that guy is there. Why am I so dumb?" I whispered.


"She is pretty hot. I understand why you chose her as your doll." The man said.


"She is not a fucking goddamn doll."


"I don't give a fuck about what you say, Luke. She's now mine so... Bye." I heard footsteps, making me cry harder.


I don't want to get raped by 'Ashton! I wanna stay with Luke!


A slamming noise was heard, and I gasped.


"Listen here, Ashton. She's mine and only mine."


I looked around, seeing an air vent above the bed.


"So you cannot touch her."


I hopped on the bed, and opened the air vent quietly. 


"And if you do, you won't be in heaven nor earth, you'll be in fucking hell for how many damn girls you raped."


I crawled inside, putting the air vent holding thing back, and crawling towards their voices.


"And how you keep them. S- HOLY FUCK!"


A demonic laugh was heard, making me flinch. "She's mine now, Luke."


"No she's fucking-" A loud slam was heard, like when I tripped and fell. "Not."


"Yes she goddamn is!"


"N-No-" He sounded out of breath, making me widen my eyes.


"Oh look. You passed out. Night, lad." Footsteps were getting quieter and quieter, which probably meant he was walking towards the room I went in. Then his face popped up, big eyes and a creepy smile, making me scream. He pulled the air vent holder off, and pulled me into him, putting a towel on my face.


"Breath, sexy babe, breath." 


I shook my head.


Think, Scarlett, think! What did you have to do in Miss Congeniality? Umm.. Sing? Sing.. Hmm.. S was something I couldn't remember, but above the waist (A/N:Solar Plexus) I was instep N was nose and G was groin. Okay, c'mon Scarlett. Let's do this.





I elbowed above his waist, stomped on his foot,  curled my fingers and pushed my palm into his nose, and elbowed his groin. He groaned loudly, and I pushed him down the stairs. I grabbed the bat, smacking him all over, trying to kill him or something.


Think of him as Dad. He killed Mum. You're only real friend.


"This is for fucking Mum!" I said, and smacked his face. Then I saw it, and he saw me eye it. I ran over to it, while he groaned getting up, and dashing over to it. I had a headstart and I took the cold, metal in my hands, pulling the trigger. He fell to the floor, blood oozing out of him. Did I shoot his heart? Oh wait he doesn't have one. I ran over to Luke, and tried pushing his chest. Noting happened. I tried CPR, and he somehow started kissing back. I smiled in the kiss, deepening it. He sat up, with me on his lap. He checked out my outfit, giving me a wink.


"You look really sexy in my outfit, Rose."


"You know, we were both so lucky I watched Miss Congeniality." 


"How am I lucky?"


"Umm.. I don't know. Maybe because your girlfriend was going to be.. raped senseless?!"


"Oh yeah. No one can fuck my girl. Except me."


I smiled, pecking his lips. "Let's finish what we started."


He smirked. "Okay."


He started taking off my shirt, but I slapped his hand away. "That's not how we were watching Leverage!"


He pouted, and I pouted back. "Piggy back ride?"


"Sure." I jumped on his back happily, and he walked down the stairs.


"Holy fuck Rose! Did you do this?"


"Umm.. Do what?" I asked.


"Ashton's body."


"Oh sorry. I can't see because your tallness of your back is very tall and won't let me see."


"Did you?"


"Umm.. Yeah." I whispered, ashamed. "I'm a murderer."


"Who gives a fuck? You badass now!" He exclaimed, plopping me on the couch and sitting on me. I groaned, trying to push him off.


"Hey, do you got a tattoo?" He asked, examining my body.


"Naw, daddy didn't let me."


"Let's go get one!" He yelled, pulling me with him and throwing me my converse while he slipped Adidas slippers. (http://galleryplus.ebayimg.com/ws/web/330714392078_1_0_1/1000x1000.jpg)


I slipped them on, and he walked with me towards a tattoo shop down the street.




WELL HEY YALL HOW YA DOIN? AND THE GUY HE KILLED AINT ASHTON IRWIN ITS ASHTON RAYRAYPIST I tried making it long ok. I hope u like it. Well yeah. DO YOU LIKE MY COVER? OMFG HFGBDHSKLF I GOT FEELS I HOPE U DONT DIE AND CRY IN A CORNER. LISTEN CLOSELY AND HEAR ME SOBBING. And idk who Scarlett should be but I ship Lottie and him like omf idk. ok i gtg cuz my mummy hates me and wants me to clean my room which is a MESS! and btw who watched Miss Congeniality? I DID YALL I DID! If you didn't, you should. WATCH THE 2ND ONE TOO OMG YASS. well yeah now i rlly gtg cuz my mummy is about to come after walking 254546743753 steps to kill me.

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