1. Fell

38, 39, 40. It's almost one.

44, 45, 46,47. I can hear him walking out of his room.

52,53,54. He's walking this way.

57,58. He's at my door.

59. He turns the knob.

60. My time is up. 


It's one in the morning. It's time for his taste, as he says it. I don't want to. Not tonight. Not ever again, but he told me he would hurt Mommy if I ever said no to him. I pretend to be asleep, but he either knows or doesn't care that I'm awake or not. Hes at the end of my bed. I can hear his heavy breathing. He walks to my right. I have my back to him. He just stands there doing nothing. I can't hear him anymore. I can't even hear him breathing anymore. He's so quiet. I have the urge to turn around. To turn and see if he left but if I do and he is still there. He'll go rough on me for pretending to be asleep. I stay still but a few minutes go by and I don't hear anything at all. Not a breath or a shift. It's too quiet. I want to turn. I want to see if he left. I want to make sure I'll be able to sleep peacefully tonight. I really want to turn. 

I flip over. He's standing there. Grinning. His wicked grin. The one that said that he knew that i would turn. The one that said I would not sleep at all tonight.


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