Torn and Broken

We were always together, August and I. For three years he’d been my life, been my everything. But that ended one night in a spray of red, a scar that washed away in the rain, as though August had never existed. I won’t forget though, and I’ll never forgive the ones who killed him. Not until their blood joins his, their bodies rotting somewhere out of sight, somewhere no one will ever find them.


1. Prologue: Is This How It Ends?

 “You took something from me,” she whispered, voice cold as ice. Her hand, however, betrayed her. I could feel the tremble of it, though, in the tiny shivers that ran down my spine every time the metal nicked my skin. “You took something important, and now I can’t ever get it back again.”

 She leaned closer, eyes only inches from my own, close enough that I could feel her breath on my face. “I know it won’t change anything. Killing you, I mean. It won’t bring him back. But this isn’t for him.”

 Pain radiated through my core and I screamed into the gag as the blade dug into my stomach. “This,” she whispered with a smile, driving the knife in once more, “is for me.”

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