You and I

This is a Zyn Malik FanFiction. It's about a girl named Kylie Hemmings twin sister of Luke Hemmings. When her dad gets a job as the new manager of the boyband she hates all the boys fall in love ecspecially Zayn. Will she love him enough to date him or will her hatred for the band come between them? Read to find out


1. Luke's twin sister

Hey I'm Kylie Hemmings. Your probably like wait HEMMINGS!! Ya my twin brother Luke is the lead singer of 5SOS. He makes a huge deal if who is older like how I'm his little sister so I have to do what he says 3 minutes big deal. Anyway I'm a model for Too Hot magazine along with my besties Brianna,Ashtyn,Brooke,and G. I'm 5'7 i have semi-long brown wavy hair, and icee blue eyes. It turnes out my dad is the new manager of One Direction the most annoying boyband ever! We have to go meet them in and hour I better go get ready. "OMG stop playing so loud I can hear you all the way on the third floor" I said. "Sorry" they said in unison. Well now that they are quiet I can get ready in peace. Well bye

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