1. meeting the sis is boyfriend

Err it was the last day of school which means I had to get up so I got up real zombie like but managed to get dressed and walk downstairs to see my older (Step) sister who was a vampire see I was adopted. Madaline my dad yelled from the kitchen "yea" I scream back "I was worried you weren't home well I'll be gone for the first month of summer so Belle is in charge herd Boyfriend was staying the summer with his friends k luv you" he said real quick and than left which I did too but to the car where Belle was waiting. "Hurry up Maddy" she said real annoyed coming I mumbled


When we finally arrived at belle motioned for me to hop outa the car


I walked over to where a group of my friends were gossiping about my normie sister Madaline not wanting to lose my friends I mumbled ya i know right. It was finally the end of the day it was so excited to get home cause my boyfriend Harry who was a were was staying the summer with me

Harry's POV

ya you guys have to come I say motioning the guys towards the car "so what's the deal with her sister" Ashton asked " oh she just a creep she a human and is always in her room never outside and is like. So clumsy I thinks it's best if just ingore her k" I say k alright a were mumbled around in the car when we finally arrived Iran up and knock on the door " uh hi" Madaline said " whatever is belle around I say looking behind her " you must be Harry ya she's upstairs she replied I walked in up stairs with the boys following me

Madalines POV

We'll there rude I walked up stairs to see my sister basically biting the curly haired boy face I just kept walking into my room shutting the door behind me jumped on my bed and started to listen to music when I paused it I herd foot steps going downstairs must me them err

Luke's POV

Re all went downstairs this is a huge house I thought to myself we all sat in the living room when "I dare like to go upstairs and go see what normies doing! Micheal said with a smirk and howl " fine I'll be back acually wanting to know what she was doing when I tmreached the step we'll top step I tripped and hurt my hand but I got up and knock on the bedroom door when a reply was come in I tried the door handle but it was locked then unlocked " hey I said with my hands in my pockets walked into the room "what could you possibly want she said with her arms crossed " uh just wanted to see what you we I was about to finish when I notice stractch marks and stuff broke and shoved undera desk " you want to see what I was doing well I was listening to music now by she said about to close the door when I mentioned the stuff under her bed when she opened the door again " I'm clumsy she said quickly then shut the door locking it she doesn't seem human I thought when I was inturupted by the guys " so what was she doing questioned Harry "

Listening to music I replied shrugging " that's new" belle said "who cares there's a party planes here for tommorow so we'll have to control are Wolfe ways oky?!"Louis and Liam said at the same time everyone replied with yes and what time"5-5am belle replied " k"

Calum's POV

It's 4 we have an hour to get ready I said scratching my ear since I couldn't be wolfie at the party which was gonna be hard for me and Luke who were nene at the were thing


The place was FUL of people that I didn't know so I walked over to Luke who was in deep thought " hey watcha thinkin about" I say nudging him " Maddy she's acting weird I think we should spy on her" he replied I nodded in agreement we were really the party type so we walked to the park to see Maddy walking back in forth we hide behind a tree and watch I swear what we saw we should not speak of Maddy

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