One love

4 bestfriends go to magcon to fall in love with their favorite boy(S)


4. ch4

*Nashs POV*

These girls are really cute I thought to myslef. I should try to get with one of them. Maybe they won't want to. they look like they have their favs tho. I'll ask later, matt asked the girl to come by later with her friends. So maybe they'll wanna get with this. I thought to myself.

*Cams POV*

Bree was really cute, but I didn't want to hurt the little one whose name was Caroline's feelings, plus it looked like bree liked matt. Dam we'll maybe I could still try. Maybe she'll fall for me.

*Jack Johnson's POV*

Bree was really cute and she stood right next to me. Idk if she thinks I'm cute or something but she's definitly really pretty. I would try to get with her. If she doesn't have feelings for one of the other boys. Hopefully not, hopefully im the only one that likes her.

*Matts POV*

Bree came right next to me. Dude, she's gorgeous. Id do anything to make her mine. Call her my princess. And treat her right. Cam and Johnson keep looking at her. But they gotta realize she's mine. I have an idea. We'll ask them top 3 and then see who her top 3 are. She'll say I only have one, she'll pick me and then the others we'll see she's mine. ALL MINE!

+Taylor's POV*

Dam that's all I could say carolyne was really cute. But Brielle she was the cutest girl in the room of hundreds. I don't know just something about her. apparently I wasn't important enough to her, she stood next to matt and jack j. Maybe she doesn't feel the same back

*Shawns POV*

Destiny, seeing her made my

Heart skip a beat. Faster then normal. I don't know, her hair, her smile, her laugh, something about her. She was gorgeous and I had to make her mine. Gilinsky keeped eyeing her and her friend. But he could have her friend. I want to make her mine.

*Carters POV*

Hayley. Every time I heared her name in my head. It sounded perfect. She looked perfect. Her hair in a messy side braid. Wearing makeup she didn't need. She looked amazing. The most beautiful girl in the room in my eyes. And that's all that matters. Hopefully she likes me. I wanna make her mine.

*Aarons POV*

Carolyne was a cute little button. I thought I was looking at a model. Her wavy, long brown hair, beautiful brown eyes. She was the definition of perfect. I wanted her all to myself. She had to be mine. I needed her.

*Gilinskys POV*

All these girls were gorgeous. But Hayley and destiny they were on my eye. One of them would be mine. I had to try to make it happen before the other two ding dongs got them.

*Hayes POV*

Destiny and Brielle, they were something I had never seen before. There was just something about them. I couldn't pick one over the other but if one wanted me

Id forget about the other one. That may se harsh but I'm loyal. What sucks is that there's over 11 boys here today and there is 4 girls.

*Jacob w's POV*

I didn't really find the girls extremley attractive, the only girl I found gorgeous was mahogany. Even I ship #JOX all the way. I love her. But I want to show her i really love her. I want to make #JOX real!

*Brees POV*

ALL THE GUYS ARE SOO HOT, plus Christian Collins and Crawford and jack dale and Guathe, and Brent. My heart was beating soo fast I felt like I was about to die. I didn't know what to do, say, so I stood still.

*Destinys POV*

Shawn mendes, the Shawn mendes and jack G, the jack Gilinsky both standing next to me. I could litteraly die. Jacob w and Guathe both here. And both Collins brothers. Litteraly perfect. I feel like I'm going crazy like this a just a dream but it isn't!

*Hayley's POV*

Jack and carter on either side of me. I could litteraly die. Omg omg. I can't even survive. Is this real, am I dreaming, am I awake, is this seriously happening. I'm standing on stage next to the loves of my life! This is the best day ever and it hasn't even started!

*Carolynes POV*

I'm in between T.A.Y.L.O.R and C.A.M.E.R.O.N omg this is crazy. I love them both a lot. Aaron keeps looking at me and smiling. He's soo cute tooo. Am I the only one about to die. Prob not the other girls looks really happy and like they can't even breathe. I just hope today is a great day!


How was this chapter? pretty long right? tried getting the girls & all the boys from magcon. Comment and vote. Thanks ❤️

-bree 💕

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