One love

4 bestfriends go to magcon to fall in love with their favorite boy(S)


5. ch 5

updating again now 💕


"Okay girls what are your names?" nash asked us

"Bree" I say

"Destiny" Des says

"Hayley Reynolds" Haley laughs

"Zayummmmm" all the boys yell looking at carter

"Carolyne" carolyne says.

"We'll you guys are lucky because you guys get to hear jack and jack preform their 3 songs!" Bart announces to the audience

"FLIGHTS, DISTANCE, & PARADISE" the 4 of us scream out.

"Yeah, so let's hear it for Jack & Jack"

They started singing flights and asked out of the 4 of us who knew it and to sing with them. All four of us knew all of the songs. So I shared a mic with jack j and hale & carolyne shared a mic and Des and Gilinsky shared a mic. After they sang it was Shawn's turn to go up & sing. he was doing a cover of justin biebers, "one less lonely girl"

"Destiny can you come here" Shawn says he begins singing to her. And all the girls In the crowd get jealous.

By the time the song was over destiny was in tears. He pulled her in for a hug. All the girls were mad. All the boys kept blasting music and we were all having an amazing time. Matt pulled me to the back of the stage

"Bree, spend the night at our hotel." Matt asks

"I'll have to ask, I doubt my mom would let me" I begin

"I'll have Bart call your mom?" he asks

"Yes and my friends too they like the boys a lot. Not as much as I like you though. I still can't believe I'm standing next to you!" I begin

"Anything for you, Brielle, Espinosa" He says "I like that"

"Me too" I say trying not to freak.

"Little love birds in the corner" Cameron Alexander Dallas yells Into the mic. I laugh. We walk over to the rest of the boys.

"We'll lets carry on with the last hour we have." Nash yells out. lox blasted the lipgloss song all of us joined in. The 4 of us couldn't dance that we'll hale was the best of the 4 of us. lox blasted a lot of other songs and we kept dancing too. It was the best day ever.

"Okay guys, we had an amazing day with you guys. See you guys soon. Love you all good night." All the guys say. We give all the guys hugs and run off back stage. I text my mom. She said she was outside. Great now we couldn't stay over. We walk out and were all screaming about our day. She hands us 4 suitcases. And says "have a fun night"

"Ahhhh mom I love you." I scream and grab our bags

"Huh?" the girls ask

"Were spending the night with the guys!" I scream

"Ahhhh let's go!" they say, and we thank my mom and run off to find the boys waiting for us at the hotel they're staying at.

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