One love

4 bestfriends go to magcon to fall in love with their favorite boy(S)


3. ch 3

Okay so I hope you like it so far 💕 enjoy ch3


*Brees POV*

"Guys hang on I'm going to die! WE GET TO HANG OUT WITH THE GUYS LATER" I scream so only we hear.

"Guys carolyne is calling maybe she's here." Hale says. She hangs up, "guys don't move stay here I'm going to get her" And hale ran through a crowd of girls. While they went me and Des stared freaking taking selfies.

"CAMERON DALLAS" we scremed as he walked near the front of the stage by us.

"Hey girls, want a pic with me?" he asks

"YESSSS!" We yell. We pull out our phones and cam kisses our cheeks in the picture.


"Sure bae", he hands his phone to me I open his twitter and type in my name

"Thank you" I say and Des does the same.

"Can you follow our friends hale and carolyne?" I ask

"Sure." he hands me his phone back

"While your at it put your number in" he whispers to me. I follow Haley and carolyne and put my number in.

"Don't tell anyone" he whispers again and kisses our cheeks.


"GUYS CAMERON DALLAS JUST FOLLOWED US" Carolyne and hale scream coming back to us.

"We were just talking to him, we told him to follow us and you guys" Des says

"Thank you" they say.

Bart comes out on stage

"BARTTTTT" The 4 of us yell. he looks down at us and waves

"The guys said if you have VIP to come up to the front of the stage and that they'll be calling up 4 lucky girls to come on stage. So without further ado id like to introduce Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, Hayes Grier, Taylor Caniff, Aaron Carpenter, Matthew Espinosa, Mr Carter Reynolds, Jack Johnson and Gilinsky, Shawn Mendes, Jacob Whitesides, the amazing dj Mahogany LOX. and guest staring Brent Rivera, Christian & Crawford Collins, Jake Foushe, Jacob Gauthe, Hunter Geurink, and Jack Dale. lets here it up for all these amazing people" Bart says and all the girls go wild as the boys run on.

"Hey guys I'm nash as you know. I'm going to pick the 4 girls to come up on stage for the whole time with us, okay you 4 standing right there" Nash said

NASH JUST CALLED US TO GO ON STAGE WITH THE BOYS. COULD THIS DAY GET ANY BETTER?!?! We all scream and run onto the stage standing next to our favs! Me next to Matt and jack johnson. Jack j next to carter, hale next to carter and jack Gilinsky who was next to Destiny and next to Des was Shawn next

To Shawn was Nash next to nash was Hayes next to Hayes was Aaron, next to Aaron was cam next to cam was carolyne, next to carolyne was Taylor, next to Taylor was jacob and lox (#JOX) and the guests were on the other side of the stage.


How was this chapter. Trying to make them long so you guys enjoy them. 💕

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