One love

4 bestfriends go to magcon to fall in love with their favorite boy(S)


1. ch 1

*okay so this is my first fan fic I hope you guys like it*


"MOM HURRY UP!" I yell.

"OMG Brielle I can't believe were going to meet the loves of our life's" Destiny exclaims

"yeah this is the most amazing thing in the whole wide world!" Hayley yells!

"I'm coming guys go get in the car." my mom yells running down the stairs. We all run into the car all sitting in the back. We all got the chargeable cases and charged our phones last night. We were ready. I was wearing my blue crop-top and jean shorts. Destiny was wearing a purple short sleeved shirt and white shorts. Hayley had a designed shirt with her black shorts. we all were wearing our black vans.

"You girls excited?" my mom asks

"YES!" We all scream.

"I'm going up to carter and giving him the biggest hug and kiss ever!" Hayley exclaimed

"I'm doing that to shawn!" Destiny

"I'm going up to matt and telling him I want his babies" I say causing us all to laugh. We all go on our phones tweeting.

~at magcon~

"WERE HERE!" We all scream. We get out and run to the front entrance. There's only a few girls right now. It's 10:00 so the boys should be coming in 2 hours. We decided to wait in the front of the doors. More and more girls come. With our surprise we see a limo pull up and we all start screaming!!


How was the first chapter? Comment and like. Plus I'm going to need to know who wants to be whose girlfriend. I'll let you know whose available next chapter

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