Ends and beginnings

It happened so fast. Like lighting when it strikes. One minute we were happy.
Then I blinked. That's all it took. One little blink and it all went away.
The sweet kisses, the whispers in my ear were gone. I remembered aching, longing for him. He was right there but gone.
It all happened in the blink of an eye. One moment.
He was gone.


13. Stupid love

The moment I was declared Liam's, everything changed.

It had been a few months since then.

Suddenly my whole world was him. I needed Liam like an addict.

Every time I was away from him the world seemed small and ugly.

I suspected he needed space. But I didn't know what space would lead to.

I had gone to see veronica. She told me fern was upset. I growled at ferns name. She was a traitor. I hated her for loving what's mine.

Later that night I went home to no Liam. Again.

He had been distancing himself from me, every since I became more needy.

I mean like the worst kind of distance.

So I planned the weekend to see my parents in there hometown without him.

That is until he insisted to come along.

It was awkward. Very awkward.

It seemed he couldn't stand to be in the same bed with me.

I cried over that. It shattered me to pieces.

But then he came in and comforted me. Liam curled my body to his, as I sobbed.

"Why don't you love me?" I had asked, tears brimmed in my eyes.

He looked down at me. Sad blue eyes. "Of course I love you my jenny." Then he kissed me. It was a melting one that flipped my insides.

It was the first kiss we had in a while.

We didn't go back to normal. In fact if anything we got worse.

I talked to my mom about it. She said he just needed space.

Well I've given him plenty.

I wanted to be next to him. Laugh and joke with him.

Jack was not gone either.

He had declared to me that he wanted me back.

I told him to 'fuck off' and slammed the door in his face.

Jack still came around.

I told Liam. He growled at me. Then walked away.

I watched him walk away before I let any tears slip out. I was losing him. I knew it.

I saw Ryder around. He said sorry for leaving me. I said it was okay.

Tonight I came home to Liam actually being there.

I had just gotten out of the shower. So I came out with my towel on to go to the closet.

Then I saw Liam in the room.

Which surprised me because he had moved to a different room.

Liam looked up. He gaped at me.

I blushed and went to the closet, when I was suddenly yanked onto a hard stone chest.

"Jenny." He growled in my ear.

I shivered at the skin contact.

Suddenly my towel was thrown to the side.

He admired me, up and down. I saw lust in his deep eyes.

Then cradled my face and crushed his lips onto mine.

It made my body tingle. I moaned melting into him, once again.

It was stupid. I was stupid.

But love was stupid. And wonderfilled.

I held onto him for my life's sake.

We made raw, passionate love that night.

He held me like I was loved.

It made my mind fuzzy. I couldn't think clearly around him.

We interlocked our body's.

I loved him. Did he love me?

I wasn't sure at the time.

When I felt him get up I grabbed onto him. He pulled away. "This should not have happened. I'm sorry jenny. It's over."

"What do you mean, over?" My voice broke. It sounded small and weak.

He looked into my eyes. I saw his blue eyes harden. "You know damn well what I mean. Now get out of bed and pack your things."

I was frozen. "Y-You don't love me, anymore." I sobbed and got up.

I ran to the closet my hands on my face. Sobbing I packed my things.

I was leaving.

Liam didn't want me anymore.

I packed all my clothes.

Then I went out of the closet.

I found Liam still there. I ignored him and packed my things.

I picked up a picture we had took in Paris. I was snuggled into him. We looked happy.

Why did he have to be another jack?

"I'm not another jack." Liam growled.

I said that out loud? Well whatever.

"Jack made love to me our last night. Then broke my heart afterwards."

Liam growled again.

He stood behind me. My body tingled from our closeness.

A tear fell. Liam wiped it away.

"Damn it!" I swore.

"Why do I always fall for guys who break my heart?" Another tear fell.

This time I swiped it angrily.

I turned my back on Liam. "Are you gonna kiss me goodbye too! Then leave me for another wo-"

I was pulled into a kiss.

Once again I slid into it. Immediately responding.

See I am stupid.

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