Ends and beginnings

It happened so fast. Like lighting when it strikes. One minute we were happy.
Then I blinked. That's all it took. One little blink and it all went away.
The sweet kisses, the whispers in my ear were gone. I remembered aching, longing for him. He was right there but gone.
It all happened in the blink of an eye. One moment.
He was gone.


10. skittles fight

"Wah!" I wailed.

"Stop that!" My best friend Veronica scolded.

"But I miss my Liam." I cried pouting like a kid.

Well I felt like a kid without my candy. It sucked.

"Shut up. He's been gone for five minutes." I glared and wailed again.

I met Veronica at a store a few months back. We instantly connected over skittles. I never looked back.

Sometimes I close my eyes. I see the face of an angel. It's alway veronica.

Anyways I was pouting when Liam burst back in the room.

He looked around the house.

I ran to him.

He kissed me. It was turning-

"Stop daydreaming over him. Gosh. Now eat your share of skittles."

We never shared.


I was fine with that. Perfect actually.

Expect she ate my yellows.

I turned to her. She was laying on the couch. My couch.


She looked up as I lunged at her.

"Skittle stealer!" I tackled her.

We went at it. Skittle style.

"Really." Fern said once she got there.

Fern was the group holder.

Plus she hated skittles.

Fern had been Veronica's best friend before me. I loved her because of her spunk and fire. She loved me for being 'innocent'.

Well I wasn't innocent with Liam. She knew that too. So she hated him.

Fern was happy to see him go.

I wasn't happy to see him leave.

As I looked I her a skittle was thrown at my face.

I turned my head again.

"Veronica." I said over dramatically.

"Jenny." She said in the same tone.

We both glared at one another till a bag was thrown at my head.

It was a huge bag of skittles.

Veronica got one too.

We were best friends again.

But instead of hugging her I shook her hand. "Till next time veronica."

"Yes till next time." She said and shook my hand slowly.

Fern rolled her eyes.

Then she held up DVDs. "Come on skittle lovers, movie time."


It wasn't till later when my phone rang.

The girls snored. Loudly I might add.

I was sandwiched between them.

Luckily they were both heavy sleepers.

I recognized the ringtone.

Grabbing my phone and running to my room I answered it.

"Hi Liam." I grinned even though I couldn't see him.

"Hey." His voice sounded really deep and husky.

I gulped imagining his m-

"Jenny." He cooed.

"I miss you." I told him.

"Are you horny?"

"Liam."I scolded.

"What is wrong to want to have phone sex with the girl I love?" He added on the part that would melt my heart.

"No. It's not wrong boy I love."

I knew he smiled.

"So what are you wearing?"

"My clothes." I whispered.

"Under your clothes then. And stop whispering fuck your friends. There in our home so I can do what I please with you in front of them." He sounded angry at the last part.

"I'm wearing the underwear you got me last Christmas." I blushed. My heart warmed at our home.

"Really? Well too bad I'm not there to see you." He sighed longly.

"Well what are you wearing?" I asked laying on our bed.

"None of your concern."

"Yes it is. Tell me." I was getting a little angry.


"Tell. Me." I gritted my teeth.

"Sorry no can do."

My blood boiled over. "Tell me you small penis mother-"

"Hey my penis isn't small. Take that back."

"Tell me what your wearing."

"No." With that he hung up.

My blood felt like fire running through my veins.

That was why seconds later I ran out of the room with a suitcase.

I crashed into a pissed of fern. "Your not leaving."

"Like hell I'm not."

I ran past her blood aflame.

"You forgot skittles." Fern called.

"Fuck them. I'd rather fuck Liam."

Unfortunately she heard me. "You two had sex." Her face was of utter disgust.

I turned to her. "Yes we did. That's what two people in love do."

She gasped. Her faced pained as if I slapped her. "No." She whispered.

"Yes." I yelled.

"He's not right for you. You deserve better. Way better." She yelled back.

Somewhere between the fighting, the yelling, and the screaming reality hit me.

How could it not have noticed before.

Fern loved my Liam. I should have known.

She had since she met him.

I gasped. "You bitch." I screamed sat her.

I left towards the door and opened it.

There was jack on our steps.

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