Ends and beginnings

It happened so fast. Like lighting when it strikes. One minute we were happy.
Then I blinked. That's all it took. One little blink and it all went away.
The sweet kisses, the whispers in my ear were gone. I remembered aching, longing for him. He was right there but gone.
It all happened in the blink of an eye. One moment.
He was gone.


9. creepiest song ever

Liam lay next to me. Our limbs interlocked.

I watched him sleep. Creeper style.

Liam was a heavy sleeper. He was angry with me.

I didn't want to have sex yet. Although I had been thinking about it. A lot.

I brushed his blonde locks that fell out of his face.

He grabbed me closer, nuzzling his face into my neck.

I squealed a little.

"Jenny." He breath dreamily.

I sighed with bliss.

I loved him.

More than I known.

I was ready for my Liam.

I nuzzled back into him. Then pulled back and kissed his lips softly.

So it was to my surprise when he roughly pulled me to him.

Our lips locked together. Liam was still asleep.

I pushed him away.

But he just kissed and sucked down my neck. I let out a moan unable to help myself.

It felt so good. I tried pushing him away again but he had grip.

Liam wanted to make love to me in his sleep.

It turned me on more than it should have.

I eventually had to bite him. He woke with a start, seeing me under him.

"I'm ready." I told him.

Then he resumed where he had left off.


Liam curled up next to me. "I'm sorry. Please don't be mad." He gave me a puppy dog face.

Suddenly I remembered him calling my name in his sleep. I smiled.

Liam pulled to him. "Come on. Forgive me already. I've gotta go. And what are you smiling at?"

"Your forgiven for not telling me about a two week business trip across the world." I started to walk away when I was pulled back on the bed by my hips.

"Now what were you smiling about?" He asked.

"Well I-" I froze.

Liam's lips were softly kissing down my neck.

"Tell me." He demanded.

"Stop that then." I yelled.

He stopped, But he smirked. I wanted to slap him and kiss him.

"Well you said my name in your dream." I blushed and look across the room.

Those were nice curtains. Have-

My chin was pulled up. I was looking into soft blue eyes. Only soft for me.

"Of course I said your name. I love you." I smiled.

I suddenly stood up. "I love you. You love me. Now let's go hug a creepy purple dinosaur."

He grinned back at me. Arched a brow.

"You do know that's wrong, right?"

"Who cares?"

I grabbed his hands and started to dance, and sing.

Together we sang the creepiest song ever.

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