Ends and beginnings

It happened so fast. Like lighting when it strikes. One minute we were happy.
Then I blinked. That's all it took. One little blink and it all went away.
The sweet kisses, the whispers in my ear were gone. I remembered aching, longing for him. He was right there but gone.
It all happened in the blink of an eye. One moment.
He was gone.


6. awoken

That guy didn't take me home that night. In fact that guy changed a lot of things for me.

You see I was never one for violence until he started to talk.

And I never felt things like I did with him.

So I'm telling you that guy awoke something in me.

Something I never thought I'd have.

Something that made me look at the world a different way.

So you see if I had gone home that night and continued to see Ryder, best case scenario we would have fallen in love.

He would date me for a while. Then just like jack Ryder would have got bored of sweet jenny.

Sweet jenny seems so far away now. I hate her, but I miss her.

But that night changed me.

For the better too.

I will continue to tell my tale of heartache.

But I never told you about the guy did I? Well now you know.

But my story will be like no other. It will blow you away.

Like it does to me.

Every time I think of it.


I asked the guy again to let me down. With please of course.

He told me to shut my trap.

I of course very politely told him I have no trap.

He just looked at me. Then burst out laughing. "Your serious."

Then he laughed some more. My cheeks heated up.

"Please stop that."

He just laughed harder. It made me feel angry.

A anger I had never felt towards anyone pulsed in me. I had enough of this guy.

"Shut up." I screamed.

He looked at me. I noticed he had green eyes with flecks of silver. I expected him to be angry.

That why I was surprised when amusement showed on his face. He looked kind of cute.

Then he opened his mouth again. "Your cute when your angry, know that?" Then guess what he had the nerve to do next.

The guy flicked my nose. Yes, you heard it right.

He lifted his finger to my nose and flicked it.

I slapped his hand again. Immediately I felt bad. A wave of guilt rushed through me. I was going to say sorry.

Until I saw the guy smirking at me.

I glared at him. "You are annoying, know that?"

I taunted him. I never taunted anyone before. Gasping I looked away, blushing madly.

"You are innocent." I heard him murmur.

That made me mad. "I am not." My blood boiled. I wanted to hit something or even him.

He smirked at me. His green eyes teasing me. "Yes, darling you are."

That was how hours later, I was so drunk that I was barley standing.

The guy looked down at me.

"I hate you." I slurred. I about fell over, but he caught me.

I started to laugh. And laugh. Then I was crying.

"I want jack." I whined my speech slurring, so much I could barley hear myself.

He looked at me. His eyes were like the bomb fire, only worse. It made me gulp.

The tension in his gaze was strange. I had just met him but I felt something. Like a pull to him.

"Who is jack?"

"Jack was an asshole, who used me. He slept with a trashy whore behind my back. I hate him. I mean I held him and loved him a lot. More than anyone probably loved a person. But he didn't love me." I paused for breath then continued. I wasn't feeling quite as drunk then.

"The thing is I held him, when he cried. I took care of him when he was sick. We talked about children. But he lied to me. So fact is I hate him." I didn't know those words would affect me later. But I don't regret saying them.

I looked at the guy. And then I did something that still haunts me. I puked on his shoes.

Then I blacked out.

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