Ends and beginnings

It happened so fast. Like lighting when it strikes. One minute we were happy.
Then I blinked. That's all it took. One little blink and it all went away.
The sweet kisses, the whispers in my ear were gone. I remembered aching, longing for him. He was right there but gone.
It all happened in the blink of an eye. One moment.
He was gone.


12. Anger and love

I loved my Liam. But as I was waiting I got a little restless.

So I fell asleep.

Later I was being shook by an angry Liam. I furrowed my brows at him.

He stared at me. His eyes were black and his expression unreadable.

I tried to grab his hand but he pulled away.

"Liam..." I trailed off. My eyes filled with tears.

I had no idea what I had done.

He walked to the window staring outside. His posture was angry.

"...I love you." I finished.

He turned back to me. "Don't!" He yelled at me.

"I'm sorry okay. I didn't mean to fall asleep." I apologized.

He looked confused for a moment.

Then amusement fled his face for a moment until anger took over once again.

He went from the window to the bed and grabbed my shoulders.

"It's not about that."

I opened my mouth to ask him what but he continued.

"You had sex with jack!"

I realized something. "Your mad over that?! That was over a year ago."

"Well...you could have told me!"

I sighed angry now too. "Why? Why is it important?"

But he was gone.


I fell asleep again to be shook again. But lips were on my own before my opened my eyes.

I slid into his kiss. He smelled like alcohol. I hated it but loved him.

It was rough and possessive. Not gentle at all.

Clothes were torn off. Well more like ripped off.

He kissed roughly down my body. Leaving hickeys everywhere he kissed and licked.

I moaned loudly.

He slid one finger into me.

I gasped at the sudden contact of his fingers.

I moaned even louder.

"Does he do this?" Liam asked.

"No." I moaned.

He put in another finger.

I was literally screaming now.

A rush of desire ran through me all the way down to my tummy.

The desire exploded all down my body.

The air ran out of my body. I gasped for breath.

Then Liam looked down at me, an adoring look on his face. "Your mine. Nobody else's." He whispered to me.

I smiled up at him. "Yes I am. Only yours." I took his hand in mine and whispered it back.

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