The Ouija Board

Everybody looked to me, some looks of fear, others of sympathy, when suddenly the candles blew out, and we were left in a sickening, blackness.

'Oh addie' I hear a disgustingly sly voice whisper to me.

Oh Addie, I repeat to myself. What have you gotten yourself into.


1. The Ouija Board

"Thank God that's over, I don't think I could've lasted another minute!" I moan graciously pulling my bag from my locker.

The last week of school was nearly over, and I couldn't be happier. This was my grade eleven year, and being the type of person I am, I had already begun my plans for summer vacation. School was never really my kind of scene/ nor my favourite place to be, so I was so thankful for summer vacation.

"Hey addie!" I turn to see my friend Dakota making her way to my locker.

"Hey kota, sup?" I answer warmly.

We begin to walk out the school doors continuing our conversation. The conversation ends up taking a turn towards an event taking place this Friday, and I'm glad since I've been dying to talk about it.

"So, I was wondering if you were gonna go to Nick's house,since I figured we could go together." As Dakota begins talking about the Nick's, I notice a shadow a close distance to my right. I quickly whip my head around to reveal nothing is there.

Strange. I turn back around to tell Kota, that I for sure will be going and that she can hitch a ride, when I l lose focus again as this 'figure' reappeared. I again turn to, see nothing there.

By the time our plans are done being discussed, I realize we have made it to the front of my house.

"So we're on for Friday?" Dakota asked me yet again.

"Yes! Now run on home before I change my mind!" I answer, unlocking my door.

As I get coordinated, my eyes focus to a note on my counter. I walk up to it and begin to read aloud:

Left for trip, pizza money on stove, stay safe, see you soon!

Love, Mom

RIGHT! She was on a business trip! That means for the next 2 weeks the house is all mine! This is going to be great!

I run upstairs into my room, grab my laptop, and make my way to the couch. From there I open up netflix and start my movie night. About half way through my first movie, my cellphone rings.

I don't bother checking the I.D, assuming it was Kota or my mom checking in.

"Hello?" I question, thinking I would get an answer. Nothing. "Hello?" I repeat thinking they may have not heard. Still nothing. By my fourth hello, my voice was dripping with annoyance, so I hung up.

I was now on my third movie, and my phone had rung about 12 times,and I had finally decided to shut my phone off.

I had also seen the same shadow, throughout the rest of my day, and I was getting freaked out. I decided to hit the hay, since tomorrow was Thursday, and I did have school.


Dakota and I, were making our way up Nick's driveway, for the hangout. It didn't really count as a party, as it was only: Me, Dakota, Louis, Liam, Ashlynn, Zayn, Niall, and obviously Nick.

At the door we were warmly welcomed by Nick and lead into his Family room. Nick is Ahlynn's older brother, so he owns his own small home.


We had been at the house for about three hours, and my sides were in agony at how hard I had been laughing. We were telling stories from our past school experiences, and let me tell you, they were quite funny.

"Hey, speaking of the past, why don't we literally speak to the past." Louis easily states.

"What do you mean? Like our old videos?" Niall suggests with a laugh.

"NO! I meant by using this!" Louis smirks, pulling out a Ouija Board.

The shadow. It was back. I never realized it was totally there though. Even though the room was dimly lit, it seemed to darken, making me lose sight of the shadow. But I could feel it there. I know 'it' was there.

" I-I don't know about this guys." Liam replied unsure.

"Ya, I agree with Liam . I have a bad feeling about this." I said backing Liam up.

"Don't be such pussies! Just do it! What's the worst that could happen?" Louis joked, although I had a feeling he wasn't quite joking as the others backed him up.

"Fine." We answered in unison, stepping closer to the board.

We all put two fingers on the small wooden piece, and Louis began asking for something to come through.

We waited nearly no time, before the little piece began to move.

'Hello' it pointed to.

"Hi! I'm Louis, and these are my friends." He cued and we each said our name, although I choked up on my name.

"Can we ask you a few questions?" Louis inquired hopefully.

'Yes' it slowly pointed to.

"Name?"Kota took a swing at asking.

It slowly started moving: " H-A-R-R-Y" we all read aloud.

"Harry. Nice name."I said trying to calm my nerves.

"Do you want or need anything?" Ashlynn piped in.


"Which. Want or need?" she countered.


"Well can you tell us, we may be able to help" Nick said for the first time tonight.

It slowly made it's way across the letters, when the candles at MY sides blew out. I gasped sharply as the hair on the back off my neck rose. I looked around quickly for the shadow, for it to be no where in sight.

I shut my eyes, squeezing them tightly in fear, however, I opened them in time to now add to my hearing of the letters being mentioned.


Everybody looked to me, some looks of fear, others of sympathy, when suddenly the candles blew out, and we were left in a sickening, blackness.

'Oh addie' I hear a disgustingly sly voice whisper to me.

Oh Addie, I repeat to myself. What have you gotten yourself into.

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