The BAU are in LA working when Reid accidentally witnesses an event in a graveyard. He is taken to a hotel were a group tries to figure out that to do with him. One of them happens to be a vampire slayer. Faith Lehane. Faith takes it upon herself to release the boy on the promise that he stays away. But Reid doesn't stay away. Now the two teams must work together to fight the forces of darkness.


7. Train Me

Faith didn't like this. She didn't like this one bit. She saw first hand how dangerous it could be for the average person to get involved with this shit. But the kid has a point. It seemed almost too lucky that none of their criminals hadn't turned out to be of the supernatural types and tried to kill them. But she couldn't count that they would stay lucky. I mean the reason they meet was because his team had been here on a case looking for a serial killer that had turned out to be a vampire. Luckily Faith and the Angel crew had figured it out before the FBI had, but if they hadn't... The only problem is Faith could only teach him so much. Without putting him against a real vampire she had no idea how he would actually do. And she couldn't risk putting him against just any vampire. But bringing Angel into this... he would surely have her head if he knew about this. The only demon she knew was Loren. And he wasn't one to fight. Arrow was a witch and could fight, but she was no vampire. Ugh she was going to have to bring Angel into this some way.. but how... She looked up then to see some bimbo trying to flirt to the apparently clueless Reid. She growled and moved closer to him, wrapping her arms around his and leaning her body close to his. She also placed her hand on his thigh and gently ran her hand up and down it. The girl seemed pissed, but she clearly got the message Faith was sending out. Smirking Faith watched as the girl walked away in a huff clearly not happy with Faith. Once she was far enough away Faith removed herself from Reid.

She glanced up at him before scooting over to leave. He was red, which was cute. She couldn't help herself. She leaned in close to him, her breath hot on his neck. She placed her hand on his knee.

"It really is sexy when you blush." She ran her hand slowly up his leg. She moved her lips to where they were inches from his. She smirked as she lightly brushed her lips to his, but soon he jerked as her hand got to close, causing him to hit his knee on the table and, making a loud thud. She smiled and moved away and out of the booth. She walked over to the bar where Arrow was. Like before she leaned over it.

"Sorry about before lover."

"Its alright Faith. It wouldn't have been you if you hadn't broken her nose."

"Of course. I think I also remember her saying our meal was on her?" Faith said smirking.

"You know I think your right. I'll just take it out of her pay cut. I mean its what she wanted after all."

Faith chuckled then pulled herself off the bar. She smiled to Arrow before turning to Reid who was walking up behind her.

"Catch ya later girlfriend." Faith said before winking to Arrow and walking out with Reid behind her. They walked down the street in silence again before Faith finally broke it.

"I think we should call this a night. I have to get a hold of someone to help with training you, but it might take a few days. Try not to wander randomly, especially at night. Don't come looking for me either. I will find you ok."

"Alright." Reid nodded. Since they were close to his hotel she watched him walk off. Just to make sure nothing tried attacking. Vampires didn't care if you were in front of your door, they would attack if they thought they could pull it off without being seen. Once he was inside she turned around and headed back towards the hotel that was now Angel Inc. headquarters. It was a hell of alot better then the dump they had been using before.

Faith walked silently, watching and listening for anything that might be not all that human all the while trying to figure out how to tell Angel about her pet project. She had a feeling he wasn't going to be too open to it. She heard heavy footfalls behind her as she walked, but she knew it was a human. Faith sighed and stopped walking.

"How long have you been following me Gunn?" She asked.

"Not long enough apparently. What are you doing with that kid Faith?"

"I'm teaching him." She slowed down enough that Gunn was able to fall in step. "He knows about our world now Gunn we can't leave him hanging to figure it out on his own. He could get killed."

"Angel is not going to like this."

"I don't work FOR Angel. I work with him. He doesn't control me. Besides it's not like I am telling him all our secrets. Just enough about our world to keep him alive."

"What is this about Faith?"

"I have seen too many killed due to lack of skills in this battle. Wes and Giles are lucky. Their watchers, so they have some training in it all. This kid, he doesn't. I just... don't want to see anymore innocent people DIE because of our world." He placed his hand on her shoulder, but she shrugged it off.

"How about this. Before going to Angel and talking to him, and before putting the kid up against Angel have him go up against...a human. Someone strong, but won't rip his arm off on accident or something." He said before nudging her. She thought about it for a while. He did have a point. If Reid couldn't even face a human then how would he do against a vampire. Even one such as Angel.

"Maybe you have a point... Alright. We will meet up with him tomorrow, unless we have work to do. Now lets go home before Angel sends a search party out for me." She then went back to walking towards the hotel.

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