The BAU are in LA working when Reid accidentally witnesses an event in a graveyard. He is taken to a hotel were a group tries to figure out that to do with him. One of them happens to be a vampire slayer. Faith Lehane. Faith takes it upon herself to release the boy on the promise that he stays away. But Reid doesn't stay away. Now the two teams must work together to fight the forces of darkness.


3. Sneaking Out

Faith stood under the hot shower. This was utterly great. Wesley was probably thinking he could get some ass whenever he wanted. Or that this meant something. Which neither were true. She shouldn't have done that, ya it was good, who was she kidding it was pretty great. But she wouldn't let him know that. As she stepped out of the shower she felt the familiar prickle on her skin, which told her a vampire was nearby. Angel must be back. She quickly dried off and got dressed before running down stairs. When she got down there she saw Angel and Wes talking. Angel looked up at her.

"What are you doing back?" He asked her.

"Good to see you too Angel. Yes I was a good little girl and stayed out of trouble. It's nice that you're so concerned." She said coming down the last few steps to stand in front of him.

"Oh yes I'm sorry, but…" He stopped short as a smell hit his nose. He looked between Faith and Wesley. Both Faith and Wes picked up on the change in Angel. Wesley looked ashamed while Faith stood her ground. He was ashamed! What the hell! She may have not been no lady but she wasn't trailer trash either. Angel looked to Faith and grabbed her by the arm.

"Angel wait. We need to …" But Wesley couldn't finish as Angel just ignored him dragging Faith out of the room.

"Again with the grip man." Faith said once they were out of earshot.

"Faith what are you…"

"The FBI showed up at the club I was at. I managed to dodge their questions, but only because I saw a vamp. I tried to get info but didn't have time, cuz the girl went to them. I got him staked and out of sight as they entered the alley. I came back straight afterwards. I was working out all the pent up energy cuz I didn't go out patrolling like a good little slayer when Wes showed up. At first I thought he was afraid of me but then…" She trailed off.

"Well I am glad your ok and that no one saw you or anything, but Faith."

"Look it just happened ok, first we were talking then the next thing I know we're naked and he's on top of me. It won't happen again ok."

"Fine Faith, as long as it doesn't happen again. we don't need anymore drama going on while the FBI is here" Faith was getting a little annoyed. Why was this her fault? It takes two to tango right? Letting her anger get the best of her she turned from Angel and started heading for the doors. "Where are you going?" Angel asked her.

"Prot…" she realized she couldn't go out so she changed her directions to the gym again. "The gym." She said coldly.

*   *  *

Angel watched Faith leave down to the gym. He felt bad. This was something he didn't want to happen, He personally didn't care what those two did, and it made him feel bad for doing that to her, and he had a feeling it took her back to a couple years ago with Buffy. But he knew Faith and he didn't need the unnecessary drama that might come out of this with the FBI sniffing around. He felt Wesley walk up before he even said anything.

"Angel it wasn't her fault. It was mine."

"She could have said no Wes."

"Oddly enough I don't think no is in her vocabulary, or at least when it comes to sex." Wes pointed out.

"You do have a point."

"I'm worried though. I think I made a mistake...not that I didn't enjoy...but I think I may have broken her trust. What should I do? I feel if I apologize she will think I regretted it."

"Do you?"

"No. Yes. I don't know." He breathed.

"Personally I would leave her be for a while before you talk to her. Give her to time to cool down, right now she's feeling caged."

"Yes that worries me, being a slayer mixed with her personality I imagine this is killing her."

"It's like caging a wolf." Angel said before walking off to his office.

*   *  *

As Reid laid on the bed at the hotel the team was staying at he couldn't get his mind off the girl. When they walked up to her he figured she would have been all over Morgan as most girls were, but instead she look right past them at someone else. He was just glad Morgan didn't see her go into that same alley that girl was attacked. He wanted to find her and question her himself, without the team. He laid there for a few more minutes before he decided to go for a walk, so he gathered his gun and badge (just in case) and headed out the door.

*   *  *

Faith gave up on working out, so she sat down on a bench and drank a bottle of water. She could feel and hear the boys moving up stairs. When she felt Angel go up to his room she decided to sneak out and blow off some steam before she blew up. She quietly made her way upstairs, she looked around for Wes and found him with his nose in a book. Good maybe he won't see her. She quickly moved past him and out the door.

*   *  *

Wes looked up from his book to see Faith sneaking out the door. He had half a mind to go after her, but like Angel said it was best to leave her alone so he went back to reading.

*   *  *

Angel was up stairs in his room when he felt Faith move around down stairs, he moved to the window that looked out onto the courtyard and saw her disappearing into the night. He shook his head. He should go after her, but he wasn't a babysitter and Faith could take care of herself. He just hoped she wouldn't get caught.

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