The BAU are in LA working when Reid accidentally witnesses an event in a graveyard. He is taken to a hotel were a group tries to figure out that to do with him. One of them happens to be a vampire slayer. Faith Lehane. Faith takes it upon herself to release the boy on the promise that he stays away. But Reid doesn't stay away. Now the two teams must work together to fight the forces of darkness.


8. Hotchner and Morgan

Faith woke up late the next day. And like promised Gunn met her at the door when she was ready to head out to meet Reid. Since the sun was still up Angel was away sleeping, which was lucky for them. She didn't want to try to explain where they were going. When they got to the hotel Reid was at, it took Faith a few minutes of flirting to find out his room number, much to Gunns disapproval. For even though he thought she was smoking, he never liked the idea of her using her body to get things. He felt it was beneath her, and that she should have more self respect. To which she would also follow through with if he wanted to be beneath her all he had to do was say so. When they found his door Faith knocked on it and waited. She then heard soft voices and a grunt. She didn't like the sound of this. Telling Gunn to cover her she pulled out a stake and kicked the door in, she then ran into the room, but stopped when she came face to face with two guns. She saw Reid run out of the bathroom then and stand between everyone.

*   *  *

Reid had been surprised when Hotchner and Morgan had showed up at his hotel room earlier. It wasn't because they needed him for a case or anything, they had just been worried when they had found out he wasn't in Vegas like he told them he would be. He had just gone into the bathroom to freshen up when he heard a knock at the door. He asked Morgan to answer it for him, but got a smart ass remark. Before Reid could give a reply Hotchner had hit Morgan and told him to answer the door. The next thing he knew was he heard a crash. He raced into his room to see Faith, holding a stake, the dark skinned guy from the first time he meet Faith with another stake, and then Morgan and Hotch with their guns raised. He quickly moved in between the two groups to stop anything from happening.

"Kid, tell your buddies or whatever to get their guns out of my face. Or else." Faith said.

"Do you know them?" Morgan asked.

"No, uh yes. I know her. Lets just all calm down please, this is very uncomfortable for me." He said to everyone. Hotchner was the first to lower his gun, followed by Morgan. Faith and the other guy than put their stakes down.

"I didn't think you were going to come today. Or even a few days from now." Reid said to Faith.

"Ya well... something came up last night. I had a new idea, figure we would try it out." She replied. Then she walked up close to him to whisper in his ear. "I thought you were here alone. You didn't tell me I would be training your whole damn team." She hissed.

"I am.. I mean I was... I..." But she cut him off.

"I will not be used as a pawn to help your team. This was only supposed to be you. YOU were the only one that ever saw anything." She hissed again. "Come on Gunn lets go. Turns out we're not needed here." Faith said loudly before turning on her heels to leave. Reid was at a lost of what to do. He really hadn't expected to see her for another few days, weeks even with the way she had talked last night. He glanced to his friends.

"Can you please wait in here." He asked them before following Faith into the hall. "Faith wait!" But he ended up slamming into the guy she had called Gunn.

"Look I don't know the full story here, and I don't have to. We don't have to go out of our way to help people like you, she risked a lot. And this is how you repay her. You are not worthy of her time man." Gunn shook his head. "Come on Faith." He said and started to walk again, but Faith didn't.

"Look kid..."

"Reid." When he saw the glare she gave him he backed off though.

"Kid. I promised to help you. If you wanted them in on it you should have said so. I don't like to be played. So you're on your own now. I gave you enough for you to be able to handle most on your own. There are watchers and potentials all over the place, if you wind up needing help. Goodbye." She said coldly. She started to walk off, but stopped short and placed her hand on Gunns chest. It was then that he heard the screams too.

*   *  *

Faith couldn't believe kid had played her like that. He had seemed different than others, but clearly she was losing her touch. She had had enough. She was tired of being used and played like this. She was going to embrace the old Faith again. The one that needed no help from no one, and didn't care about anyone but herself. She was walking away when the screams and that familiar tingle on her back stopped her. She put her hand out and stopped Gunn. She knew when both him and the kid had heard what she had. She reached into Gunns jacket and pulled out his stake before tossing it to Reid.

"Think fast." She said to him as he caught it.


"The kid needs a weapon."

"What about me."

"You're leaving."

"What. You can't fight whatever is down there by yourself!"

"I won't be by myself. I have the kid. You need to leave out the back and go get Wes and Angel. We are going to need more help. I have a better chance of surviving than you do. I was born to do this. Now go!" She turned him towards the stairwell and shoved him. She then turned to Reid. "How much did you tell them?"

"What? Uh nothing. You told me not to."

"Great. Get ready for slaying 101." She grabbed his arm and pulled him back into his room. "Listen up kids and listen well. I need your help, and frankly you need my help. So here's how this goes. You survive and I will help you. If not. Well then it was nice knowing ya."

"What..." The white guy started to say but Faith saw Reid shake his head.

"You are about to fight all those things your parents told you went bump in the night. I don't know what's down there. Most likely a mixture of demons and vampires. Yes they are real, and no they don't sparkle in the sun. Unless you count burning into flames and turning to dust sparkling. I don't know what kind of demons are down there. But like I told your friend the other night, just go for the head and heart. Provided they have them." She handed her stake to the white guy and then moved over to a night stand. She tossed the stuff on the floor and picked it up and smashed it against the wall. Picking up the broken legs she tossed one to Reid, one to white boy, and the other two to black guy. She then went to walk out of the room. "Oh and your guns are likely completely useless."

"What about you?" Reid asked as he followed her, the other two in tow.

"I'll be fine."

"Do you have another... stake?"

"Nope. Trust me. If I can't swipe a weapon from one of them I'll still be covered." She was standing in the middle of the hallway now, and she saw that others had heard the noises too as they were leaving their rooms to check things out. Faith felt her slayer senses go into overdrive at all the baddies on the floors below. She had to wonder what the hell was going on. Just then the elevator dinged and the doors opened. She heard people scream and the sound of vampires. She had to give props to the people smart enough to run back into their rooms over trying to run away. "Remember! Head or heart!" She shouted to the guys behind her before bracing herself. Just then a vampire cleared the coward and ran right at her. When it was close enough she slammed her fist into its stomach and followed through with a right hook to its head. The vampire stumbled away and shook his head before growling.

"Slayer." It hissed.

"That's right bitch. You choose the wrong hotel to have an all you can eat buffet at."

"There is only one of you, and many many of us." It tsked.

"Oh well then I will just leave you to it... or not." She slammed her foot into his chest and set him flying into the wall. More people were running away now, which was good because it was clearing out the hallway. The bad thing was more vampires were coming up the stairway. Faith briefly wonder if Gunn made it without any weapons on him, but she shook it off. She had to believe he was alright. The vampire rushed her, but she dodged its attack, spinning around and elbowing it in the nose. When its head snapped back Faith kicked it in the chest again. It fell onto a table breaking it on impact. Faith jumped on the vampire and grabbed one of the broken pieces before jamming it into his heart. When the vampire turned to dust she went to stand up but was grabbed from behind and tossed into the other wall. She heard a gunshot and looked to see Reid on the floor, shooting an advancing vampire. Cursing to herself she ran over and jumped on the vamps back. They hit the ground and both rolled onto their feet. Faith kept herself between Reid and the vampire.

"You can't win slayer." It hissed.

"Enough talking, and just die."

"Ah but you have no weapons." It laughed at her. And it had a point. her makeshift stake had been knocked out of her hand when she had been thrown against the wall. But that didn't mean she was powerless. She looked at her hand and a fireball formed.

"Think again." She smirked at the shocked look on the vampire's face before she threw the fireball and turned him to dust. She turned to Reid. "Find your friends and go into your shower. Its about to get hot in here." She said. Reid jumped up and went off the find his friends. Faith dusted any attacking vampires with fireballs until she saw Reid and the other two run for her. When they got close they stopped and stared. "GO!" She shouted. Reid pushed them into the room and then the bathroom. When she heard the door close she took a deep breath. She then released all the fire in her. It exploded from her body, dusting all the vampires on the floor, and all the ones coming up the stairway. When the fire released she dropped to the floor on her knees breathing heavily. She then noticed most of the hallway was on fire. "Well fuck." She reached out with a weak hand and put out most of the fires, but not all. But she was weak, and low on energy. Just then she saw frost drift through the air and felt a major drop in temperature. She looked up to see Angel coming in from the stairwell. "Took you long enough." She said standing up.

"Well I would have been here sooner, but a few floors down I had to jump into the hallway to avoid being fried. Of course the places was flooded with vampires so it took me awhile to make it back up here." He came over and helped her up and handed her a sword.

"How many more?"

"Too many to count."

"What the hell..." She started to say but heard a noise behind her. She swung her sword around, but stopped it just an inch short of taking Reid's head off. She sighed and lowered her sword. "Everyone ok?" She asked him.

"What is he doing here? What are you doing here?" Angel asked.

"Listen deadboy we don't have time for this." Faith said. When the other two came out of the room Faith sighed, "Ok quickly. Angel, you know kid... er I mean Reid. And this is..." She pointed to Hotchner. "You know I never got your names."

"Oh sorry. Faith this is Hotchner and Morgan."

"Right. Hotshot and Morgan. Hotshot, Morgan. This is Angel. He is good. Don't shot him."

"It's Hotchner." Hotch corrected.

"That's what I said. Anyways you guys should find an exit and leave if you can. This is too dangerous."

"But Faith." Reid started.

"No. I told you guns won't work. If you can't fight you'll wind up dead. And I don't want to see anymore dead people alright. Now go." She shooed them off before grabbing a few stakes and stashing them on her body. "Lets do this." She started to walk but stopped as more vampires poured in through the elevator and stairs. "Bloody hell." She groaned before rushing the bunch alongside Angel.

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