The BAU are in LA working when Reid accidentally witnesses an event in a graveyard. He is taken to a hotel were a group tries to figure out that to do with him. One of them happens to be a vampire slayer. Faith Lehane. Faith takes it upon herself to release the boy on the promise that he stays away. But Reid doesn't stay away. Now the two teams must work together to fight the forces of darkness.


4. Getting Caught

Faith had dusted several vamps already, and of course none of them knew anything or none of them were talking so she made her way through a graveyard. Maybe hoping to catch the blood sucker in the act. She still couldn't believe Kate had called the FBI in, they had a deal, or Angel and her had a deal. Angel inc would take care of this kind of stuff as long as she helped them when they needed it. So why the hell... Faith didn't have long to think on it for she heard a scream in the distance. Show time. She changed her direction to the sound of the scream, running with all her slayer speed, not knowing that on the other side of the graveyard Spencer Reid heard the same scream and was headed that way too. Faith was first to the scene, seeing as she was faster, and what she saw took her by surprise. At first glance it seemed normal, a few vamps surrounding some teenagers, but then if you looked at the whole picture you saw a few demons there too, and they looked they were helping the vamps. Faith, realizing she had left all her weapons at base, jumped on the nearest vampire. They landed on the ground with a thud and Faith quickly rolled to her feet. She exchanged a few punches with the vamp before taking him out with a fire ball.

*   *  *

When Reid got to the source of the scream what his saw shocked him. There in the middle of the graveyard was about four men, but there was something wrong with their faces. Two large things, that looked liked demons... ... ... if demons were real. About five or six teenage kids, and the girl from the club. The teenagers were running about trying to get away from the fight. The girl from the club was fighting one of the men, with such strength and speed it would put the military to shame. He was completely mesmerized by what he saw. He watched as another man swung a sword at her, and she ducked and jumped away from him with such ease. Then things got messed up, she used the one with the sword to stab another through the heart, and then she took the sword from the man and beheaded him. What was really messed up is both men turned to dust. The other two men took off, but the... demons stayed. Reid stood there frozen until he watched her get thrown a few feet back by a back hand. The demon thing was advancing on her with an ax and she was having a hard time get up, so Reid raised his gun and shot the thing, then time seemed to freeze.

*   *  *

Faith got lucky as one of the vamps had a sword, she quickly dusted two of them, and was gonna move on to another when they took off, so that left her with the two demons. She wasn't sure what kind they were, but she figured if she hacked off their heads that would kill them, but most demons they were stronger than the vamps. Not that that really bothered her, it just meant they hit harder. Until one nailed her in the ribs cracking a few and sent her flying with a backhand. Having the wind knocked out of her twice in a short period, Faith was having a hard time getting up. She heard the demon coming at her, and she looked up to see its ax raised above her, and before she could move she heard gunshots. Her head quickly snapped to the sound, and on the other end of the gun was none other than pale and skinny FBI boy. Shit. Angel was going to kill her. She wasn't surprised to see the bullets had no effect on the thing then to piss it off, and as it turned direction to the man she quickly jumped up and chased after it. The freaking bugger was fast though and it had already made it to him and backhanded him before she jumped on its back, using the sword to cut into its neck. Faith landed on the ground on top of a now decapitated demon, but she didn't get a chance to take a breath because the other demon, the one she had forgotten about, kicked her in the ribs, sending her flying into a statue. It busted on impact and as his buddy this demon was fast too, so before she could even blink it had her dangling in the air by her throat. Faith tried getting it to let go but she wasn't having any luck, and she was slowly losing air and consciousness. Then Faith fell to the ground gasping for breath. She heard then felt Angel kneel beside her before she passed out.

*   *  *

"Yo, Angel man we got a human over here." Gunn shouted as Angel lifted the unconscious Faith off the ground.

"Does he have any I.D.? Maybe we can get him home before he wakes up." Angel replied.

"Let me check." Gunn leaned down and searched the guys pocket, it didn't take him long to find something, but what he found wasn't good. "Shit. He's with the FBI, man you weren't joking when you said the big guns were in town."

"No I wasn't. I wondered if he saw anything." Angel said from next to Gunn. Gunn turned to look at Faith.

"Don't know. How is she? Is she..."

"She's alive, but barely. Lets take him with us, see if we can find out what he saw." Gunn nodded his head and picked the kid up, then he followed Angel to the car.

*   *  *

Faith woke up to pain and the feeling of something cold on her neck, she panicked and backhanded the person before opening her eyes. What she saw was her room and Loren on top of a broken table groaning. Angel and Wes come running in bearing swords.

"What happened? Where did it go?" Wesley asked.

"Wha..." Faith tried to say but her throat hurt too much. Angel came over and sat next to her.

"Don't try to talk just yet, your throat got crushed pretty good." He told her. Wes put his sword down before helping Loren up off the ground. "What happened Loren?" Angel asked him.

"It was cupcake over there. Now before you say anything, it was mostly my fault I was rubbing some herb on her throat to help with the healing and bruising when I guess she came to. She must have felt my hand around her neck and reacted. And I don't blame her after what happened." He explained. "Its ok cupcake I still love you." He said before walking out of the room.

Faith grimaced at Loren, she hated when he called her cute names like that. It just wasn't her style. But it bugged her more when he said I love you to her. She hated those three words, but the gang threw them at her anyways, I guess they were hoping one day she would say it back. Faith looked to Angel confusion in her eyes.

"I guess you want to know what happened." When she shook her head yes Angel continued. "Well first off Wes and I knew you had snuck out, but decided not to stop you, figuring you needed the release and you wouldn't get in trouble. We kinda spaced it off when Gunn and Fred got back from their trip, but then Cordy had a vision. She saw you fighting the vampires and demons, she then saw it standing above you with its ax, then blood splattered. So Gunn and I went out looking for you. Luckily we found you in time." Faith sat on the bed thinking about what he said when Fred came in.

"Angel the FBI guy is waking up. Oh hi Faith you're awake too. Good I was getting worried, oh I brought you something... well Gunn picked it out actually..." Fred rambled on but Faith tuned her out. They brought the kid here. Why? Faith tried getting off the bed but her knees buckled and pain shot through her body. Wesley caught her and when he tried to get her back to the bed she pushed him away. She heard Angel behind her but didn't listen. She made her way out of the room and down to the lobby, while holding her side. When she got there she saw Gunn, Cordy and the kid tied up to a chair, slowly waking up. Gunn was the first to notice Faith.

"Hey there's my girl. You had me worried there." He said to her. He hugged her then let go when she gasped. "Sorry forgot about the ribs." She tried to talk, but when she couldn't she lightly shoved him. But then she stumbled and fell into him, he kept them standing though. She decided to let him hold her up, but she wasn't too happy about it. Fred, Wes, and Angel showed up a second later. Faith noticed Fred and Wesley glancing her way. She knew Wesley and Gunn liked Fred, and Fred liked them too, but she hadn't chosen a guy, though Faith thought she was leaning more towards Wes then Gunn. And Faith had always been "Gunn's girl" as he said. But now Faith and Wes had just… Damn she hoped she hadn't just screwed shit up.

"Has he said anything yet?" Angel asked.

"No dough boy here just keeps going in and out of consciousness. Tell me again why we brought the FBI here?" Cordelia said.

"We need to know what he knows, if he saw Faith...or anything." Wes said.

"Yea smooth move slayer on not getting caught." Cordelia snapped. Faith growled and moved towards Cordelia but Angel stepped between them.

"Guys not now."

"Oh look he's waking up again." Fred pointed out. Faith looked to the kid to see him roll his head back, he blinked a couple times before staring at them wide eyed. Fred stepped forward and ripped the tape off his mouth, which made Faith whence from the sound of the pain it caused as the kid shouted out. She then grabbed his face.

"Tell us what you saw!" She shouted.

"Fred..." Wesley began pulling her away from him.

"He... saved... my... life" Faith choked out. Everybody turned to look at her.

"Say what now?" Gunn replied. Faith rubbed her throat before talking again.

"I was a goner, I was sure of it. I was down and the demon had its ax raised ready to take me out when he shot it. It didn't do anything to it, but it bought me time to recover and kill it."

"Maybe we should talk about this, not in front of the FBI." Cordelia said.

"Yea I agree..." Fred started to say but Faith cut her off.

"He saw everything, didn't you?" She asked him.

He looked around at everyone and nodded his head yes. Faith slowly walked over to Wes and took his sword. Before anyone could think she lifted it up and brought it down at the kid.

*   *  *

Reid watched the girl walk over to one of the guys standing before him, his eyes went wide when he saw her with a sword. He couldn't believe it, he saved her life but she was going to kill him. He closed his eyes and turned away bracing for the strike, but there was no pain... or anything for that matter, except his arms felt free. When he heard metal clank to the floor he opened his eyes. The girl was leaning against another guy, clutching her side. It didn't take him long to figure out that she had cut his ropes. He looked at the group before him. There were three girls and three guys. The girl, his girl, was breathtaking. Her medium brown hair laid in waves around her face, she had dark brown eyes. Her skin was tan and she had an average body, but he knew there was more to her than looks. The man she was leaning on had short brown hair and blue eyes. Reid remembered hearing a English accent coming from him. He had an average body type too. Next to him was the girl that ripped the tape from his mouth, Fred he thought her name was. She had long brown hair and brown eyes. She had a smaller frame than his and the other girls. She was very pretty. Next to her stood another male. He also had brown hair and brown eyes. There seemed to be a pattern here. But his build was a little more muscular than the others. The last guy was African American and bald. He kinda reminded Reid of Morgan, but this guy was a little darker. He also had brown eyes and was built like the second male. The last female had chin length brown hair and light brown eyes. She was smaller then his girl but bigger than the other. They all seemed to be looking at his girl with worried eyes. Except her, she was looking at him, and it seemed her eyes were staring into his soul.

*   *  *

Faith pushed herself off of Wes feeling a little too uncomfortable, but she couldn't keep her balance so she decided to sit on the couch. Gunn sat down beside her and placed her legs in his lap. Fred went into another room and Cordy rolled her eyes and went behind the counter. Wesley put the swords away and Angel grabbed his keys.

"Come on I'll take you to where you're staying." He told the kid. But before he got anywhere Faith jumped up, then she wobbled a little but steady herself.

"I'll take him" She said taking the keys from Angel. She heard a snort from behind her and turned to see it was Cordelia.

"You can barely stand, let alone drive. Beside haven't you done enough tonight?" Cordelia said.

"No I haven't. but I can do a hell of alot more damage, like to your face." Faith said moving towards her, but Gunn stopped her. Faith just shook her head. "I'm tired of this crap." She turned to Reid. "Come on kid let's go." She then very carefully made her way out of the hotel. Reid not sure what to do just followed her out.

The ride to the hotel was quite, Reid was too deep in thought and Faith wasn't sure what to say. When she pulled up she grabbed the kids arm before he got out.

"Listen slick you need to forget about tonight. What you heard, what you saw. Everything. Don't tell anyone either. So go about your life the way it was before. And don't come looking for us if you know what's good for you." She told him.

"Did you just threatened me? Because you're not in the best shape to carry it out Which you should get that looked at. It could be really bad."

"Listen kid..."

"My name is Reid. Spencer Reid."

"I don't need, or want to know your name. Just know this as soon as you get out of this car, you go back to being FBI boy. And just because my ribs are broken don't mean I can't do damage."

*   *  *

When Reid looked into her eyes then he know it was true. He'd seen her fighting, plus it was in her body. Everything about her was lethal in one way or another. He took one last look at her before getting out of the car.

Time went by and Reid tried to forget about her but it didn't work. The team had solved the case and returned to Virginia and for the most part he went on with things they way he had before. Except every chance he got he was studying what he could find about demons and such. Several months to the day the team was given some time off. Normally Reid would take that time to go visit his mother in Las Vegas, but this time he decided to go to LA. Yea this most likely was a mistake going to look for her, especially after she told him to stay away but he had some questions, and he had a feeling she was the only one that could answer them. So he packed some things and took the soonest flight out to LA.

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