The BAU are in LA working when Reid accidentally witnesses an event in a graveyard. He is taken to a hotel were a group tries to figure out that to do with him. One of them happens to be a vampire slayer. Faith Lehane. Faith takes it upon herself to release the boy on the promise that he stays away. But Reid doesn't stay away. Now the two teams must work together to fight the forces of darkness.


6. Eating Out

Reid watched Faith talk to the girl behind the bar, who looked just barely old enough to work there. But it was not his place to ask. The girl behind that bar was average in height. She had dark brown, almost black hair. She also had lavender eyes, but he figured those were just contacts. She had an average frame like Faith, but was more.. blessed in the chest area then Faith was. Her nose was pierced, and she had gauges in her ears. Which was something Reid never understood. He also saw a Yin-Yang tattoo on the inside of her wrist, and wouldn't be surprised if she had more tattoo's. Despite her tough exterior she seemed to have a fun-loving, bubbly personality. Which was rather the opposite of Faith. He looked around as they talked, noticing several men and women had their eyes on Faith. Which wasn't surprising. For she seemed to have the effect everywhere she went, and for a reason. He wondered what Faith had ordered for him though, he hoped it was good for he was getting hungry. After another few minutes Faith pulled away from the bar and grabbed his hand, leading him to a both in a corner. He had a strange feeling as her hand was locked in his. Once at the booth though she let his hand go and the feeling was gone. He sat down across from her, taking a sip of the water before him. Not long after they sat down a waiter came by with two beers.

"You do drink right?" She asked him. He thought about it. He drank... some. Not often. And hardly ever beer. Faith rolled her eyes and reached out and grabbed his beer. She pulled it close to her and tried to get the attention of a waitress. When she didn't get it she groaned. Reid could see the frustration on her face as she continued to try and get the girls attention. But the girl in question as just laughing and flipping her hair back, while talking to some other man. He noticed the point in which Faith seemed to have had enough.

"HEY SLUT!" She shouted. A few people looked her way to see what was going to happen. Reid tried his best to crawl into his skin, but failed. "Ya you! Why don't you put it in your pants and get back to work!" Reid tried his best to hide in the darkness of the booth, but it was not working very well.

"I AM working you stupid cunt." The waitress said. Reid could have sworn he heard Faith growl. Next thing he knew she was up and a few feet away from the girl, the bartender seemed to have jumped out from behind the bar and was standing between Faith and the waitress, lightly pushing Faith back as she kept trying to get closer to the waitress. The waitress seemed unafraid and slightly cocky, but Reid could see the fear in her eyes. The bartender was doing her best to keep Faith from the girl, but it wasn't working very well. Faith seemed stronger, as he figured was something that came with doing what she did, being stronger than normal people probably helped her in fighting demons and other things. He got up and walked up behind Faith. He slowly placed his hand on her shoulder, he felt her tense but then relax a little.

"Kid here wants a coke." Faith growled. Reid let go of the fact that she had again called him kid, mostly because he didn't want to piss her off.

"Alright Faith. We will get one over to your booth. Please go sit back down." The bartender said. Faith seemed to regard what she was saying and nodded. The bartender sighed and moved back over to the bar, Faith had just turned around and was leaving when he heard the waitress mumble something. He couldn't hear it, but he knew Faith had. For she spun around so fast and punched the girl in the nose it amazed him. The waitress fell to the floor, holding her nose. The bartender who had heard the girls scream turned around quickly and ran over to the girl.


Faith closed her eyes and sighed. Reid could see her trying to think of a way to make this better. When she opened her eyes he swore he saw a flame to her eyes.

"When you and I were talking she stole some money out of the cash register. That was my way of letting her know not to steal from my friend." It seemed everyone in the room looked at the waitress then.

"Tats not tru!" She exclaimed, while holding her nose to try and stop the blood from flowing. He watched as the bartender dug into the girls apron pocket and pull out a few hundred in cash. A few people close to them gasped. The bartender looked a bit sad, but sighed. She then helped the girl up.

"You're fired."

"WAT! You can't! Tats not mine... its hers! She mst have put it in my apon when she it me!" He noticed Faith roll her eyes.

"Right cuz I am a magician and that is TOTALLY what happened." The bartender shot Faith a glare. "Fine." She threw her hands up and moved over to the booth. Reid followed after her. They sat in silence for a few moments. Her drinking her beer starting off into space. Reid cleared his throat before talking.

"So um you said you were a slayer..." Faith shot him a glare.

"Tell the whole world why don't you." Reid got quiet and stared down at the table, clearly she was still a little steamed. He heard her sigh but didn't bother to look up until he heard movement. He noticed that Faith had slid around the table and was now sitting next to him.

"Sorry. Its just that needs to be kept a secret. In fact everything you now know about needs to be kept a secret." When he nodded she smiled softly and leaned back some. Her beer in hand. "I'm sorry you had to see all that. I have been trying not to act out like that... but I am... short tempered, I guess you could say." She chuckled. She was looking down at the beer in her hand. She wasn't looking at him, trying to avoid his eyes. She seemed uncomfortable. Like she truly was sorry he had seen her like that. He opened his mouth to speak but their plates were put in front of them. Faith smiled and relaxed into the booth, not bothering to move from where she now sat next to him.

Reid started at the plate before him. He had a large hamburger with fries. Faith had barbecue steak, baked potato, and stir fry. He briefly wondered if they served salads here for he could already feel his arteries clogging just by looking at his plate. He smirked slightly as he saw Faith dive into her meal. He figured she was hungry though, for it seemed to take a lot of energy to slay. He was unsure of how he was going to tell Faith he didn't really eat this kind of food when a salad appeared before him. He was glad for that. Reaching out he grabbed some dressing and drizzled some on his salad. He had to mentally laugh as Faith scarfed down her food. Moving his plate of grease to the side he started in on his salad. After a few minutes of silent eating he opened his mouth to speak when someone tried taking his other plate of food away. He chuckled as Faith slapped the person's hand and growled at them before shoving some fried into her mouth. Faith was not like the girls he was used to being around. Sure JJ, Prentiss, and Garcia were strong personality girls and Jj and Prentiss could hold their own, but Faith almost reminded him of Morgan. In a female way. The only difference between the two is Faith was rude in many different ways. When it was safe to talk he cleared his throat to get Faith's attention who had indeed moved on to his plate. She looked up after shoving a few more fries into her mouth.

"I was uh... curious as to how you become a slayer." He spoke softly so no one could overhear, not that anyone was close enough to them to hear anything besides maybe Faith slamming her beer down after taking a big drink of it. She cleared her throat a few times before facing him again.

"I'm not really sure how the whole thing started or how it works other than when one slayer dies another is called. Not just any girls. Potentials. Which are select girls predestined to be called when one dies. There is only ever supposed to be one alive at a time. and it was that way.. until 1997."

"What happened in 1997?"

"The slayer at the time, Buffy, was killed. But only for a few minutes. She had been drowned and a couple minutes later Xander found her and brought her back with CPR. Since she technically died another slayer was called to replace her. But the girl only lasted a year. With her death I was called." Faith picked up his burger and took a large bite out of it as Reid processed what she was saying. It bothered him that two girls had to die in order for Faith to be where she was is today, but there was nothing he could do about it. It was all in the past.

"So how do you know how to kill all the demons and things."

"Well normally once we figure out the type of demon it is we do research on it. But generally one of two things can kill a demon, vampire, or other. Cut of their head and stab them in the heart. If they have hearts. Or heads. " She made a face as she appeared to be thinking about something but then she snapped her head out of it.

"These …. things. They aren't just in L. A. are they?" He wondered how many criminals were just humans or were they something more. Faith seemed to frown a bit.

"Nope sorry ki...Reid. Demons, vampires, and other such things are everywhere. But sadly some criminals are just bad people that do bad things with no reason or explanation behind it."

"Actually there is some explanation. Some people believe certain genes and chemicals in the brain is the cause of people to kill..." He stopped as he saw the dead look on her face. "Uh never mind." He blushed. Faith seemed to smirked at that.

"You're cute when you blush." She said taking a few bites of fries. Oddly enough he blushed more. Which made her smirk more. He needed to change the subject.

"Can you teach me how to fight most of these things?" He watched as she frowned.


"Why not!"

"Cuz I don't want you running around thinking you can just kill these things like some superhero. You will likely get killed before you can even blink."

"I won't I promise. But what happens if one of our criminals is a vampire or whatever and tries to kill us? Can you really sit there and tell me no when it could risk the lives of me and the team?" Faith groaned and sighed.

"You know there was once a time when I wouldn't have cared..." She sighed again and ran her hand through her hair before groaning again. "Fine fine. But if you get killed and turned don't bother coming back here cuz I will stake your ass without even blinking." She grumbled.

"A...alright." He watched as she bit her lip and tapped her fork against her hand. He wondered what she was thinking about right now. He also wondered how long he could get away with staying in town before the BAU team needed him back. He hoped at least long enough to learn some basics.

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