The BAU are in LA working when Reid accidentally witnesses an event in a graveyard. He is taken to a hotel were a group tries to figure out that to do with him. One of them happens to be a vampire slayer. Faith Lehane. Faith takes it upon herself to release the boy on the promise that he stays away. But Reid doesn't stay away. Now the two teams must work together to fight the forces of darkness.


5. Coming Back

7 months later


Things for Faith went back to normal, or as normal as things could get for her. It took her a couple days to heal up, but they caught the vamp causing the damage and staked his ass. Things with her and Wesley went back to the way they were, He even started dating Fred. She went back to her normal bickering with Cordy, though she felt Cordy was being a little nicer for some reason. And her and Gunn kept up with their playful flirting. With time she was slowly starting to forget the kid, but fate had other plans for her. She was in a club one night moving her body to the flow of music. Male and female bodies bumping and grinding against her when she felt someone watching her. She looked around but couldn't see anyone in particular, for a lot of people were staring at her so she shrugged it off and went back to dancing. It wasn't long after that that she felt the familiar pin prickle along her spine that told her a vamp was nearby. As she wove her way off the dance floor she spotted a female leading some poor sap outside. Faith was quick to follow them grabbing a pool stick on her way out. "Couldn't for once she have a night out that didn't end in slaying?' She thought to herself as she walked outside. She couldn't see anything but then she heard the sound of a struggle. She followed the sound around the corner of the club and saw none other than a female vamp trying to sink her teeth into the male.

Faith didn't waste any time jumping into the scene. She walked into the alley acting like she was drunk and purposely bumped into the girl.

"Oh sorry. Hey have you seen my boyfriend I thought I saw him come this way." She slurred. "Hey girl what's wrong with your face? Was it like some kind of freak accident or something?"

"Get out of here skank. And no I didn't see your stupid boyfriend come this way." The vampire said before turning back to her victim. Faith decided playtime was over and grabbed the girl by the hair and tossed her into the other wall.

"That's ok I'll just settle for kicking your ass then." The vampire rushed her but she just sidestepped it. She feinted forward, dropping the pool stick, then dropped into a crouch and swept one outstretched leg around behind her. Her foot caught the vampire's ankles and yanked her feet from beneath her. The vampire pitched backward, arms flailing, and smacked her head to the ground. In the same motion, Faith pounced onto the fallen vamp, ramming a fist into the vamp's face to insure that she was down for good. Faith didn't dare pause to savor her victory; as soon as her fallen foe's head rebounded from the stone floor a second time, Faith was moving again, grabbing the pool stick and snapping it in half before dusting the vampire. 'Well that was quick.' Faith got up and looked to the guy she had saved, two familiar brown eyes stared back at her. Then it clicked.

"Shit." Faith said. "What are you doing here? What part of stay away if you know what is good for you did you not understand kid?"

"I told you my name is Reid. Why do you keep calling me kid?"

"Look kid... Reid, whatever! Just go home."

"I can't. You see I have an eidetic memory, so can't forget what I saw then or what I saw now. That was a vampire right? It took me awhile to figure out the men with the deformed faces were vampires. Whether you like it or not I'm a part of this world now." Faith looked deep into his eyes and knew he was speaking truth. Even if he had stayed away his eyes had been open to the truth of the world, it was better that he came back to learn more then try to figure it out and get himself killed.

"Fine but there is now way in hell we're going back to the Hyperion, I don't want to explain this and I don't want to risk you shouting Lorne and asking questions later like you FBI types are known for." She replied. She tossed the broken pool stick to the side and grabbed his hand leading him away from the club. They walked in silence before Faith finally spoke.

"You were the one I felt watching me huh."

"Uh yea how did you know?"

"Slayer." When he gave her confused look she rolled her eyes. "Right guess your books didn't cover that. Basically into every generation a Slayer is born: one girl in all the world, a chosen one. She alone will wield the strength and skill to fight the vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness; to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their numbers. She is the Slayer." Faith mimicked the "motto" of the Slayer as she thought of it.

"That's me, or chosen two as it were. But that's a long and complicated story that can be saved for another time." Just then Reid's pocket started ringing. "Well either you got a phone in your pocket or your just really happy to see me." Faith joked. Reid dug into his pocket and pulled out his phone, he groaned when he saw it was Morgan. Faith quickly swiped his phone and spun away before he could get it back. After the fourth ring she answered the phone, she waited until she heard someone talking before she started moaning and panting. She then moaned Reid's name and patted the phone like she was trying to reach for it. She then hung up the phone and gave it back to him.

"There I don't think they will be calling you back anytime soon." She smirked. Reid started at her shock written all over her face, then her chest started singing. When she saw his puzzled look she laughed. "Who need pockets when you got boobs." She said as she took the phone out of her shirt. Like with Reid's phone she answered but waited until she heard a voice, she then started moaning. She then heard "Faith its Angel. Is everything ok?" She rolled her eyes and put the phone up to her ear.

"I'm a little busy here deadboy. Check in in the morning." She said between moans. She heard Cody's ew gross before she hung up the phone and stuck it back in her shirt. She then turned back to Reid. "Alright slick I'm all your. Now let say we head back to your place and get all hot and sweaty." When she saw the look on his face she laughed. "You really need to loosen up man. What do you do for fun?"

"Well generally I like to work on mathematical problems, like the quantum..." Faith held up her hand to stop him.

"You lost me at mathematics. You know what we have plenty of time for questions. I know a few places that are still open. Lets see if we can't loosen you up." Before he could protest she grabbed his hand and started dragging him to a nearby club. Like most places Faith got them in with a smile and a stroke of the arm. She dragged Reid onto the dance floor, luckily the song was fast pace, a good dancing song. Faith wrapped her arms around his neck and start moving her body to the beat of the music against him, which with the way she danced made it look like he was a poll. Faith noticed his lack of dancing and stopped, groaning to herself.

"Alright! Clearly this is not for you. How about food?" She asked, trying to shout above the music.

"What?" Reid asked. Faith groaned and rolled her eyes before grabbing his hand and dragging him back out of the club. Once outside she took a deep breath and let go of his hand. The chilly air felt good on her hot body. Well her night was NOT going as she planned, in more ways than one.

"Come on slick. Lets get food." She started walking but stopped when she noticed he wasn't following. "What?"

"I have a name. It's not slick. Or kid. Or anything else you can call me. My name is Spencer Reid. You can call me Reid though. Everyone does."

"Alright sli...Reid. Can we go eat now?" This time he seemed to follow her. Which was good. She really wasn't about to stand here and argue with him. She would have gone all caveman and throw him over her shoulder before she just stood outside while she was hungry. Which tended to happen after slaying. Well that and …. she glanced at Reid. No she wasn't gonna go there. Not with this one. Bedding the FBI? Nope. Sure she would bed a cop, but only if it provided her with something. Like not getting arrested. But she wasn't on trial with this kid. Not really. Not his kind of trial anyways. Nope he was here cause of her life and line of work, not his.

Which was new for them. They stayed quiet as they walked the streets. Faith always a few steps ahead of him. She looked around for what sounded good, though anything and everything sounded good right about now. She glanced around before deciding on a place. It was a sports bar, but it had one of the best steaks around. Also the beer there was a plus. Stopping she hooked her arm with Reid and lead him towards the building. When she walked in heads turned to look at her, the bartender called out her name and she smiled. Leading Reid over to the bar she leaned over it and kissed the bar tender.

"Hey Arrow. Nice to see you working tonight. "

"I work every night Faith."

"This is true. I will have the usual and the ki... Reid here will have..." She trailed off as she didn't know what he would have. She smiled softly at the confused look on his face.

"Uh... what's good here?" He asked. Faith just smirked. She then leaned over and whispered into Arrow's ear.

"Gotcha. Usual booth."

"Wouldn't have it any other way lover." Faith winked to her. She waited while Arrow placed their orders before leaning over again to talk to her friend.

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