The BAU are in LA working when Reid accidentally witnesses an event in a graveyard. He is taken to a hotel were a group tries to figure out that to do with him. One of them happens to be a vampire slayer. Faith Lehane. Faith takes it upon herself to release the boy on the promise that he stays away. But Reid doesn't stay away. Now the two teams must work together to fight the forces of darkness.


2. Almost Caught

Even though Faith was trying to enjoy her time dancing in one of the towns many clubs, her mind, however,  was still on the FBI. Finally giving up on dancing she moved through the crowds of people over to an empty table. She wasn't there long before two guys came up. One was white, shaggy brown hair and brown eyes. He was hot in a geeky Xander kind of way. He seem out of place in the club, shy even, but yet still sure of himself. The other was black, no hair, brown eyes, handsome and had a gun and badge. Faith tensed, this guy was a cop of some sort, maybe even one of the FBI guys. Faith quickly cleared herself of any emotion as they walked up to her table. Faith was about to pull out her sultry moves when she felt her skin prickle. Her eyes found a pair, a guy leading a female out the back. Vampire. Despite the cops trying to get her attention she couldn't just ignore the vampire, he may know something about what was going on. She quickly flashed the men a smile before spinning around and heading out the back the way the vampire went.

Faith emerged out the door with a pool stick just as he was going in for the bite. She hit the vampire on the back with the pool stick breaking it on impact. He dropped the girl to the floor and turned to Faith. The vampire smirked at her.

"Slayer," It growled.

"Tonight is your lucky night vampire. You can either die right away or you can tell me what the deal with all the bodies the vamps are leaving behind is."

"How about this. I tell you nothing and then I kill you."

"Bring it on blood sucker."

"Its on slayer."

The girl ran for the door and the vampire tried to grab her but Faith landed a kick to his chest. The vampire stumbled back. The vampire then advanced with a series of punches and kicks and she blocked them all. Faith lunged forward and slammed him into the floor. The vampire punched her so she pinned his arms down.

"Now tell me what you know."

"I'd rather die."

"That can be arranged."

The vampire head butted her, then shoved her off. Faith rolled to her feet just as he jumped up. Faith blocked the punch the vampire aimed her way and returned it with a backhand. Her roundhouse kick sent the vampire into the wall. He bounced back and landed a punch to her jaw, but she got him back with another backhand. She then slammed him into the wall. She heard loud voices coming from inside, coming closer to the back door. It sounded like the girl went to the FBI guys. She turned to the vampire just as he rushed her. Not wanting to get caught she stuck the broken pool stick in his chest. She then jumped on the dumpster then on the top of the alley wall. The vampire turned to dust just as the door burst open. The two guys looked around before the black one turned back to the girl. The white male walked forward. Then he looked up to the wall where Faith was still balancing. Her eyes went wide then she jumped down to the other side. 'Shit.' She thought as she took off running towards Hyperion Hotel.

*   *  *

Morgan and Reid were lead out the back door by a girl who said some guy tried attacking her. Then heard something going on on the other side of the door but when they opened the door nothing was there. Morgan turned around to talk to the girl more and Reid stepped out getting a better look at things. He felt someone watching them, he looked up to see someone sitting on the wall. They noticed he noticing them and so they jumped off the wall. Reid could have sworn it was the girl that they tried talking to but ran off… in this direction actually. He felt Morgan's hand land on his shoulder.

"Come on Reid man we need to get back. The dudes gone." Derek said. Reid took a deep breath then followed his buddy out of the club. But one thing was still on his mind. That girl.

*   *  *

Faith arrived at Hyperion Hotel all worked up from the fight. It was a short fight and with the FBI agents floating around she wasn't able to patrol. Needing to release her worked up energy she searched the hotel looking for Angel. To her utter dismay she found him, Cordy and Wes gone. She gave up and went down to the gym hoping to work out. She's down there for an hour when Wesley showed up.

"Back so soon?"

"Yea well, a vamp ruined my night. Managed to get him slayed when FBI boys burst through the doors. No they didn't see anything I was gone by the time they came into the alley. Where is Angel and Cordy?"

"Angel is at Lornes Bar and Cordelia is… well shopping." Faith rolled her eyes while she stretched her arms. She saw Wes shift uncomfortably out of the corner of her eyes.

"Look if it wasn't for the FBI dudes I would be out there not in here, so sorry its such an inconvenience for you." She grunted.

"Faith I'm…"

"Save it Wes. I get it, I'm a cold blooded killer right? You can't trust me. Whatever." She turned away then she turned back to him. "You know what? Not whatever I'm sick of this ok. Ya I killed a few people ok. But look how many people Angel killed. Ya I know he was soulless blah blah blah, but jesus give a girl a break." She sighed.

"Faith its not that…"

"No don't try to explain. Leave if you want. Don't worry I won't go off killing people. Not my style anymore." She turned away from him again and started hitting the punching bag. Wesley walked up behind her and placed a hand on her shoulder. She stopped punching the bag but didn't turn around. So he turned her around.

"Faith I trust you. I just…" His gaze moved to her chest, which was raising up and down as she breathed. God she was so breathtaking. Her body scream sex, no she was… was not any more. Hell in a way she never was his slayer. He finally looked up to see Faith smirking at him.

"I think its time you let me teach you some things." She said.

"Faith…" But she cut him short by pressing her mouth to his. She entered his mouth with her tongue, stroking against his. Faith pulled Wesley down on top of her, not once breaking the kiss. She then rolled them over so she was on top. Their bodies began to move together, mimicking the sex act. For once there was no rush, they took it slowly.

*   *  *

He collapsed onto her, damp, overheated, gasping. His muscles twitching all over. They were both gasping. Faith laid there a mixture of emotions going through her. She had never done it like that before, most of the time it was rushed and aggressive. That was slow and kinda romantic. She felt relaxed now that she worked off her energy, but she also felt panicked. She didn't want to hurt Wes, but this was it for her. Soon the panic overcame everything else and she started hitting his cheats and pushing at him. He rolled off her and she jumped up and took off leaving Wesley there confused. Not really knowing what to do or what just happened he decided getting dressed would be a good idea. He put on his pants, but didn't bother with his shirt.

He thought about what happened. Had he done something wrong? Maybe he had, Faith had had many lovers while Wesley only had a few. No he didn't think that was it. She seemed to enjoy it. But what. Then it dawned on him, Faith had had many men, ones that slept with her and took off. She was fragile as it was with everything that had happened and then what did he do, he slept with her. He probably broke her trust just now. He bet she thought he either just used her, or only saw her as a sex toy, not the woman she had become. He heard someone upstairs, so he put his shirt on and made his way up.

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