The bad girl (JB FanFiction)

Adriana is a bad girl Also is Justin what will happen when they meet each other what will happen when they are dating and what will happen when Sasha finds out? Will she destroy there life's or is her life gone be destroyed

Read to find out


2. What's your problem?

Adriana's pov

The next day at school i walked around the hallway when i heard that someone was calling me

Justin: Heey Adriana how are you?

Me: i'm fine thank you

Justin: i was thinking that we should go on a date you know

Me: Justin i'm sorry but we met 24 hours ago you barley now me

Justin: yeah i know but you so fare i know you you are very nice you are a girl who stands up for herself and i like that

Me: i don't care if i'm your type you don't know me and i can tell you this i'm bad news and your not my type sorry

I walked away how can he ask me out? He doesn't know me he doesn't know why i've changed my name why i'm on this school and why i dress like this he knows one thing: he's not my type

Justin's pov

How can she say that i don't know her? I think that she doesn't remember me all the good and bad thing we've been true i need to win her back i walked to gym and saw Sasha standing by her group she looked add me she trow me a air kiss but i didn't give her my attention

Chaz: hey dude long time no seen where have you been?

Justin: i was a little buzzy

Chaz: yeah i see that you know your girlfriend is really hot

Justin: what do you mean?

Chaz: Sasha

Justin: oh we've broke up yesterday

Chaz: uuhm i didn't know man sorry but ey you know the new girl right Adriana she is hot

Me: yeah i asked her to go out with me this morning but she rejected me now one rejects me

Chaz: she did what? Now i'm totally going for her

Me: no you don't

And i pushed him against the wall

Chaz: dude that's your deal?

Me: she's mine and if you ever lay a finger on her i'm gone kill you understand?

Chaz: yeah dude chill now i know why Sasha broke up with you

Me: you do know anything about me

I saw that everyone was looking add us the whole crew, Sasha and even Adriana what am i doing? I walked away from the crowd to the lockers in the hallway daim i'm making a mess of this i heard footsteps coming my way i looked up and saw that Adriana was coming

Adriana: follow me

I followed her to the toilets we were not even past the door and she pushed her lips on mine omg she tastes amazing it's like that my baddest dream is coming true

Adriana: i heard what you said in gym i like guys who fights for what they want i turns me on

Me: ooh so you do like me

Adriana: oh shut up and kiss me

We were getting it but we heard that some one walked in

Sasha: oh sorry am i disturbing?

Me: yeah you do

She had a nasty blink in her eyes

Sasha: i see that you are enjoying kissing this slut

Adriana: do i have to hit you again?

I laughed

Sasha: no i don't want that a Second time it still hurts

Adriana: good now you can leave bye

Sasha: i'm coming back this was just a warning

Me: yeah right

Sasha: you know what i'm…

Adriana cuts her of by kissing me

Sasha: uuuh disgusting

And she walked away

Adriana: i hate that bitch she talks to much

Me: hahah yeah she sure do but i'm confused do you like me or not?

Adriana: i don't know you'll find out

And she walked away to

Me: daim this girl has fire i like that

And i walked to my next class


Haaai guys do you like this story? I've changed some things just to make it more exiting what do you think does Adriana like Justin? Why is she playing games with his mind? And why did Sasha Disturbed them? You will find out in the next chapters

Love you bye bye

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