The bad girl (JB FanFiction)

Adriana is a bad girl Also is Justin what will happen when they meet each other what will happen when they are dating and what will happen when Sasha finds out? Will she destroy there life's or is her life gone be destroyed

Read to find out


8. The plan

Sasha's pov:

Day's passed and i saw Justin and Adriana becoming closer then ever they did everything together and it makes me furious i was supposed to be Justin's girlfriend not that wanna be bad ass so i Googled her and i found her old Twitter account i red all her tweets i found a picture of her old boyfriend Jake very handsome i clicked on Jake's account and red all his tweets i know now that Jake and Adriana had a huge fight that's the reason why they split up i decided to call Jake

Jake: hello

Me: hi am i talking to Jake Adriana's ex boyfriend?

Jake: yes why are you calling?

Me: do you know that she has a new boyfriend His name is Justin Bieber


ME: calm down i called you because i hate her she stole away my boyfriend i want revenge i know you still love her and that you want her back i need your help to make them split up are you in?

I got no response did he just hang up?

Me: hallo are you still there?

Jake: i'm in what's the plan?

Me: come to Starbucks in half an hour we'll talk there

Jake: i'll be there but how do i recognize you?

Me: i'm wearing a yellow sweater with 'don't be jealous' on it

Jake: okay see you in 30 minutes

We've ended the phone call watch out Adriana cause i'm coming to get you my revenge is sweet… bitter sweet

*30 minuter later at Starbucks*

Jake: so what's the plan?

Me: i found out that Justin And Adriana are going to a restaurant this Saturday we will go there and pretend that we're on a date i still thing that Adriana has feeling for you cause your hot i'm just saying

I saw him smiling

Jake: so you think i'm hot?

Me: yes you are

Jake: you're not bad yourself

Me: i take that as a compliment

We both laughed damn why does Adriana always have the hot guy's why is she so special?

Jake: continue

Me: okay if Adriana sees you she'll don't know what to say

Jake: i love your plan can't wait till Saturday

Adriana's pov:

It's Saturday Justin and i are going on a date i'm really curious where he takes me now

Mom: ooh my baby is growing so fast this is here first date

Me: mom i've been on date's before this is nothing new

Mom: why didn't i know that?

I opened my mouth to say something the bell rings safes by the bell

Mom: where gone talk about this bit first go enjoy your date

Me: thanks mom

Justin: are you ready?

I nodded we got in the car and drove away

Me: where are we going?

Justin: to a chic restaurant just out of town i heard that they have really good food there so i thought that this was the perfect place for our date

After 30 minutes driving we arrived at the restaurant

Waiter: hello sir can i help you

Justin: i rent a table under the name Bieber

Waiter: yes i see follow me please

We followed the waiter to a table by the window

Waiter: there you go

We ordered our food and talked about everything

Justin: okay okay my turn what's your favorite collar?

Me: purple

Justin: mine to i'm so lucky to have you

We both laughed

Waiter: here you go sir

I looked at the table next to use and just had the shock of my life

Me: no it can't be



Hi guy's i left a little cliffhanger i thought that should be fun Sasha is such a bitch… bit i would do it to i'm such an evil person😅

Tell me if you like the story and i'll write more

Bye guy's

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