The bad girl (JB FanFiction)

Adriana is a bad girl Also is Justin what will happen when they meet each other what will happen when they are dating and what will happen when Sasha finds out? Will she destroy there life's or is her life gone be destroyed

Read to find out


6. Surprise p.2

Justin's pov:

The bell rang and I saw Adriana standing by my car

Adriana: sooooo

Me: just wait Ad you will have your surprise soon we need to go there

Adriana: so it's not here

Me: no

Adriana: oke let's go then

Adriana jumped into the car

Adriana: hurry up hurry up

Me: i'm coming i'm coming

I started the car and saw Sasha looking at us i kissed Adriana and she walked away

Me: oke let's go

We drove away from school to the surprise i saw here searching for something to recognize where we're going

Me: you'll never know where we're going

Adriana: will see about that

I laughed and start focusing again when we're got there i saw that Adriana's eyes where close

Me: wake up baby where here

After 5 minutes she was still sleeping i decided to carry her i dropped her on a bed and she woke up immediately

Adriana: dude, what are you doing

Me: where at your surprise

Adriana's pov:

I felt that someone dropped me

Me: dude, what are you doing

Justin: where at your surprise

We were at a judge ski hall i laid on a bed with roses on it they were really soft

Me: omg Justin have you done this all on your one

Justin: no my friends helped me

Me: it's so beautiful how did you know i always wanted to ski

Justin: i didn't but i asked your mom what you like and she said that you always wanted to go skiing

Me: omg Justin i can't belief you did this all for me

Justin: everything for my girl my one and only

Me: Justin Drew Bieber i love you

I said it i couldn't hold in back anymore i love this boy and i'm so glad to call him mine

Justin: Adriana Claire Smith i love you to let's go skiing

Me: oh hell yeah

Justin's pov:

I'm so glad that she said she love me i can't life without her she is my one and only my whole world

After skiing we went back to the car

Me: so…you said that you have a surprise for me can i have it

Adriana: no not yet why have to drive to it

And we drove to het house when we walked inside she pushed me agains the wall

Adriana: i am you surprise

I couldn't take it anymore i needed her

I took her brith style upstairs and dropped her on the bed we started to make out i felt Her smiling between the kiss i was so glad that i have her se started taking off my clothes i did it by her i got between her legs and licked her

Adriana: ooh Justin

Me: you like that

Adriana: yeah more i want more

I stick my finger in her first 1 then 2 & 3 i made her come

Adriana: it's my turn now

She took my boner out of my pants

Adriana: you're judge

Me: thanks babe

We both laughed she licked my manwhood

Me: ooaaggh you're so good i'm coming Ad

I came and turned her around

Me: now where gonna have some fun and i placed my manhood into her

Adriana: oh my god harder deeper i wanna feel you

Me: your wish is my comment

I went harder, deeper and faster i heard her moaning after a couple minutes we both reached our climax

Adriana: uuh my god your so good

Me: i'm the sex god

Adriana: don't push it tho

Me: i'm sorry babe but i was good seriously

Adriana: oke you're good i can say that

We both laughed and we drift off to sleep i had her in my arms this was one of the best nights i've ever had


Wooooah that was intense but i don't see any comments so i think that i'll stop the story because i don't know what to write all my ideas are gone

Please give me some ideas i really want to finish this story so give me some tips i'll wait for them

See you later byebye

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