The bad girl (JB FanFiction)

Adriana is a bad girl Also is Justin what will happen when they meet each other what will happen when they are dating and what will happen when Sasha finds out? Will she destroy there life's or is her life gone be destroyed

Read to find out


5. Surprise p.1

* the next day *

Justin picked me up for school

Justn: hey babe had you dreamed about me

Me: yes i have and you

Justin: me to i have a surprise for you but i give it to you after school

Me: nooo i hate waiting i want i now

Justin: you're such a baby

Me: but i'm you're baby

Justin: yeah and i'm really happy with my baby

I smiled and we drove away at school i saw Sasha standing outside with her friends Justin and i hold hands when we walked past them

Sasha: Justin i see that your holding hands i didn't know you were in to sluts

Me: yeah Justin i didn't know that your ex is a slut why haven't you told me that

Sasha: ooh shit up everytime you open your mouth i get a headache

Me: do i have to give you a headache

Justin: oke babe that's enough you won't get you're surprise

Me: i don't need your surprise i just need to punch this chick

Sasha: ooh boeh i'm terrified Justin hold her before she'll punch me

Me: that's enough

Justin: Adriana no

Before my hand touched her face Justin pulled me back and kissed me

Justin: i don't want you beating her again do you promise me that

Me: i will baby

And i kissed him back

Sasha: uh gross

I looked at her but i'm still kissing Justin

Sasha: let's get out of her

Justin's pov

I heard what Sasha said i'm glad that this wasn't turning in to a fight because i know that Adriana will beat Sasha i don't know but i'm into the bad girls now it's so exiting to be with her you never know that's gone happen after the kiss i brought her to her classroom after that i walked to my friends

Chaz: well well well look who's back

Me: hey guys

Chaz: and how is it with you and you know that chick

Me: it's been really good i don't know but something is different about her

Ryan: but you like it

Me: yeah i do

Cris: have you done it

Me: no but it will be done soon

Ryan: haha you better

Me: haha i've miss you guys

Chaz: ooh don't cry now

Me: now i won't but you have to help me i have a big surprise for Adriana she doesn't know about it so don't tell her

Adriana: tell me what?

Me: nothing babe why are you not in class?

Adriana: i needed to go to the toilet when do i get my surprise

Me: later babe later

Adriana: why not now i can give you one myself

She pushed me against the lockers and kissed me

Adriana: shall we look for a place more quite

She looked to the boy's

Adriana: then i'll give you a big surprise

Me: oegh babe you can give me you're surprise after i give you mine……after school

Adriana: uuh

With that she got of me and leaved looking one more time at me and got into her classroom

Chaz: daim you're one lucky man biebs a lucky man

Me: i know man i know


Sorry that i haven't updated. I was very busy with school. I had my exams. I promise that i will write every week. If you want me to write further comment me. If you don't i won't write anymore. So………… COMMENT = MORE CHAPTERS

stay beautifull, love you bye xx

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